03 September 2009


There was far too much going on at the Blessing of the Animals in Gorbio for Olfen to want to pose for a photo. I took a few and they weren't any good.

Much later I saw him on a road leading out of the village and snapped these two. He just wanted to go home! Olfen is 12 year old and lives in Gorbio village and I think when a dog gets to 12 he's entitled to not want his photo taken, don't you?


@eloh said...

I'll bet he is just the best boy ever.

Sara Diana said...

Oh bless him, he is lovely x

Gail said...

Your blog is very interesting. I want someone to pick a dog for me. There are so many I can't decide. I am currently fostering and training a dog for adoption but really want a dog that is perfect for me.

lady jicky said...

I get like that some days too! LOL

Gail - what sort of dog are you thinking of??

Graeme said...

Wonderful old gentleman, wonderful photos Jilly We have always had Labradors, they just have the perfect temperament of all dogs.(Gail)
We have just had a litter of 5 black and 4 yellow....all sold!
I'll be sending you some more pictures of them soon Jilly.


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