30 January 2013

Beagle time ...

A cute Beagle puppy who was enjoying the late afternoon sun with his young owner in Menton.

He's not at all sure he wants his photo taken ...

26 January 2013

Giada - the glamour of Italy

Pink leopardskin coat, pink hair slide - the glamour of winter - she has to be Italian!

And she is. This is 13 year old Giada, whose owners will be selling bric a brac at the Broc Troc in Menton this weekend.

25 January 2013

Hémy, the Havanese puppy

Meet Hémy, a Bichon Havanese puppy.  Isn't she too adorable!  She lives in Monaco with an old blind cocker spaniel called Goldy - click to see Goldy's photo.

18 January 2013

Hunique - the Restaurant Les Terrasses Dog

Meet 5 months old Hunique.  She's Vanessa's new puppy at the Restaurant Bar Les Terrasses in Gorbio.  Hunique is a long haired German Shepherd Dog and already is such a sweet, well-behaved puppy but is one who guards the restaurant at night.  Look at those beautiful eyes.

14 January 2013


Meet Darius.  He's a 4 year old Welsh Terrier from Normandy, on holiday in Menton. Welsh Terriers are incredibly active dogs - it took about 8 photos to get one where he sat still for a moment. Typical of this beautiful breed.

10 January 2013

Lily, the Springer Spaniel

This is Lily, an English Springer Spaniel who lives just along the coast in Villefranche but also spends a lot of time in Paris.  I've been caring for Lily since she was a very naughty puppy - she's still naughty even tho she's now 9 years old.  She's losing her night sight now - in fact, in low light she sees almost nothing.  She has an appointment soon with a Paris eye specialist so hopefully something can be done. 

It's not so easy, on a long-nosed dog, to get the eyes and nose both in focus.  I succeeded in the second shot but prefer the first! 

Click on the link above to see Lily as she was a few years ago.

06 January 2013


You don't see many Australian Shepherds in Menton but I bumped into Titus along by the sea the other day.  His owner was sitting on a bench, studying and he, considering he's only a baby of six months, was patiently waiting.   Beautiful, don't you think?  Titus lives in Menton.


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