27 September 2011

Rustine at the Winter Palace

Not all Yorkies have ears that stand up. This is eleven year old Rustine and her ears are down and isn't she lovely. Looks like she's been to the coiffeur recently.

Rustine is a very privileged dog as she lives at the Winter Palace, a beautiful Belle Epoque building in Menton.

We'll be visiting it one day in the not too distant future on Menton Daily Photo.

22 September 2011


I love boxers but confess I don't take them at Pension Milou simply because they can be rather dominant with other dogs. Doesn't stop me liking them tho...

This is Peggy who is 4 years old and lives in Menton, which is where I met her the other day.

20 September 2011


It's no surprise that Weimaraners make such wonderful photographic subjects as they produce such a variety of funny expressions. Take a look at William Wegman's amazing photography.

However, not all of them keep still! Not surprising. They are an incredibly active breed - and SO beautiful.

I met Duma, who is two and a half years old in Menton. She lives in Cuneo in Italy.

15 September 2011


A Doberman with cropped ears. I thought it was banned but perhaps not in France. She's a lovely girl tho - called Venus, 7 years old and lives in Paris. We met in Ventimiglia, just across the Italian border, a short while ago.

Apologies for the bleached out background - too much sun that day - well that's my excuse...

11 September 2011

Milla, the Mexican Hairless

This is a much-travelled Mexican Hairless dog. Milla was born in Sweden, now lives in Switzerland and was walking along the port of Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat when I met her yesterday. She's one year old.

06 September 2011

Frisbee's Mama

We met little Frisbee in the last posting. This is her Mama, Astule. She's 5 years old. Yorkies are so expressive with their ears, aren't they? Up, down, back...

02 September 2011


Another hot dog I met in Ventimiglia market. This is Frisbee, aged one year. His mother was being walked on a lead and we'll meet her next time. I think this family came from Belgium but I can't read my writing...


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