29 June 2012

Bonnie the Large Munsterlander

Bonnie is a Large Munsterlander - a first for this breed on Riviera Dogs.  This is a German multi-purpose gundog - isn't she gorgeous?  Wise kind eyes, so gentle.  Bonnie is six year old and lives near to Frankfurt.  I met her under the dappled light of the plane trees in Place aux Herbes, Menton. Large Munsterlanders are apparently supposed to be black and white and the Small Munsterlander is brown and white, so technically she's not quite right. Personally I think she's perfect!  Click to see another photo of Bonnie (and me snapping her) on French Girl in Seattle. The lovely Véronique and I spent a day together yesterday doing what we both love doing - taking photographs ... well there was a long lazy lunch with a glass or two of rosé thrown in! You'll find some lovely shots of Menton and Gorbio on Veronique's blog. 

27 June 2012

Who is the loveliest?

Who is the loveliest?  This is yet another photo I took at the San Remo show.  I'm not sure but think the dog may be a Sloughi. Rather like a Saluki without the feathering on the ears.  Doesn't she look the part on her purple bedding? Pretty owner too.

21 June 2012

Boy or girl?

This little Papillon has a rather smart travelling case, don't you think?  She - or perhaps he? - was at the San Remo show. So bright, so pretty.

17 June 2012


Last time we had an English cocker spaniel, today meet Daisy, a 4 year old American cocker spaniel.  I met her in Menton where she lives.  Her owner told me she will soon be having her summer trim when perhaps we'd see her eyes a little better. No matter, she's still gorgeous.

14 June 2012


Hot sun, deep shadows at the moment.  This is Falbala. She's a one year old and lives in Menton.

10 June 2012

The Beautiful Blonde

This beautiful blonde Borzoi is waiting to go into the ring at the San Remo show.  Breeds are so different, aren't they?  Compare the long muzzle of this hound to say, the wide squashed face of a French bulldog. 

04 June 2012


Meet Gwen.  She was competing at the recent San Remo dog show. Really dramatic markings, don't you think ...

01 June 2012

Asleep on the Job!

Asleep on the job!  Two long-coat chihuahuas at the San Remo dog show.  One is too tired to wake up, even when she has an admirer!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...


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