29 February 2008


This cute terrier cross, doing his very best to appear 'fierce,' was peering out from under a café table in Carnoles, part of Roquebrune-cap-Martin. He's six years old and called Shopi. Shopi is the name of a local supermarket, by the way. Don't you love the intensity of his expression?

28 February 2008

Monsieur Spitz One-Ear?

Not a nice morning in Carnoles - a suburb of Roquebrune-cap-Martin. I noticed this cute and very independent little Spitz following his owner. I took about four photos following them - he, always off lead, even when crossing the road. They walked fast and I didn't think I'd get to take his photo. Suddenly Madame stopped and greeted a friend and from then on, quite oblivious to me, I could photograph this little boy. I don't know his name - I didn't like to interrupt their conversation - but I know he's a boy.

And yes, as you see, he does have two ears!

26 February 2008


Olivia, the little Yorkie, is the companion of Océane, whom we met yesterday in the medieval village of Roquebrune. She's 8 years old, same as her friend, and is sporting a short haircut which seems to be comfortable for a Yorkshire terrier and fairly easy for an owner to deal with.

25 February 2008


Océane, a lovely 8-year old Hungarian Vizla, lives in the old village of Roquebrune with her owner Josie and a little Yorkie. You'll meet the Yorkie tomorrow. Hard to believe but it's got to be 9 years since Josie's beautiful Weimaraner died. I think she was only around 5. Josie felt she couldn't take another dog of the same breed, it would never be the same, and so she chose a Vizla. In the photo below, she moved her head, so it's just slightly out of focus, but I love her expression.

21 February 2008


Calipet lives in Fontvieille, right by the small port of Monaco. She's a mix of Fox Terrier and Golden Retriever or Labrador and is two and half years old. Her owner was SO nice. She saw me photographing sculptures for Monte Carlo Daily Photo and asked if I'd seen a specific new and modern sculpture in Fontvieille. I hadn't. So she insisted I went and saw it and indeed took me there. As we walked along she told she was born in Monte Carlo and as a child used to fish off the port - she'll have seen many changes over the years. Calipet met several dogs as we walked along - she knows these streets - a lovely dog and great rapport between her and her nice owner.

'Dogs encourage us humans to become humane' - Jo Winter

17 February 2008

Bully at the Fête du Citron

I met Bully outside the Jardin Biovès in Menton, where work was in preparation for the Fête du Citron. Click on the link. When I asked his name -I wrote down Billy but his owner corrected me!- and then told Bully to do his party trick, which you see in the photo below.

14 February 2008

Clipper - Tintin's dog?

This little 5 month bundle of trouble is called Clipper and belongs to friends who live in south western France and in Monaco. He is a replacement for Scupper, who died far too young. You can read Scupper's story by clicking on the link.

To me, Clipper looks so much like Tintin's dog, Milou - called Snowy in England. His ears don't stick up but he has that look - probably because he hasn't yet got full pigmentation around his eyes. If you don't know Hergé's famous Tintin stories, do click on the link.

This last photograph - below - is out of focus, but I'm using it cos in this he really is Milou/Snowy! I wonder if he'll have as many adventures in his life as Tintin's dog. I sure hope so.

12 February 2008

Crocus, the Florist's dog

Good name for a Flower Shop Dog. Crocus is two years old and belongs to the owner of my favourite flower shop in Carnoles, which is part of Roquebrune-cap-Martin.

Below you see him standing in the window. He's always happy to see me because I smell of dogs - so he spends the whole of my visit sniffing my jeans, much to the dismay of his owner. I'm used to dogs sniffing my jeans...so no big deal.

08 February 2008

The Château Dog

This lovely old Wire Fox Terrier belongs to the lady who sells the entrance tickets at the castle in Roquebrune village. Here you see her lying in the sunshine, half asleep - and in the photo below she's eating a snack alongside her owner at one of the village restaurants. You can see the castle of Roquebrune by clicking on the link.

04 February 2008

Joey, the Grotte dog

Joey belongs to La Grotte - or rather to Eric, who runs this great Italian/pizza place in Roquebrune village. The restaurant is carved out of the pudding rock of the village. Click on the link to see a different view. They serve truly great pizzas, the thinest crispest crust with fab fresh fillings and served with that wonderful piquant Ligurian olive oil. Joey has great fun walking around the tables, sitting and putting on his best 'I'm starving' look in the hope of being given a taster. He doesn't look too starved to me! In fact, he's in great condition for his 11 years - he doesn't look it, does he?

If you'd like to see more of Roquebrune village please click on the Menton Daily Photo link.


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