31 January 2010

Me and My Shadow

As you can see in the two smaller photos, I was fiddling about snapping shadows with the help of Ricky. Ricky is a truly adorable dog - a hunt terrier with the sweetest kindest temperament. I probably shouldn't have favourites but this dog eats his way into my heart every time he comes to stay. Ricky is 8 years old and lives in Monaco.

28 January 2010


Dixie was being taken for her morning exercise in Monaco when I met her in the Fontvieille area. She's young - only 18 months old - as lovely as any Golden Retriever with those beautiful eyes. I bet she's naughty tho - what young Golden isn't?

25 January 2010


This is Mia. If you've read any of the Postcards from Pension Milou postings, you'll perhaps remember her story. She's a Bassett Ariégois, which is a French hunting dog - rather like a Bassett Hound with longer legs, don't you think? She appeared on this blog once before - the day she arrived which was the 31st December 2008.

So she's been living at Pension Milou for just over a year now - taken from a dreadful situation with her friend Mistral. They'd been shut up for eight years in a two-metre square run living on top of eight years of excrement. Sadly Mistral was to put to sleep after three months suffering from advanced cancer. Look at Mia now - she's come on a treat physically but is still terrified of people - it's getting a little better tho as time goes by. (in the photo with the pug she'd only been here 4 months. The other photos are recent.).

You can read more about Mia and also an update on Beau who recently had major surgery when his inner/middle ear was removed. Click on the Postcards link. It all ends well!

23 January 2010

Circus Dogs?

These two dogs were shut up in a large pen outside the circus tent in Monaco. I was photographing the lions, elephants and sea lions when I saw this beautiful face peering through the bars.

The big one is a Newfoundland, the smaller one is a mix. Both gorgeous dogs but not very happy. I don't know if they were part of a circus act or simply dogs belonging to a member of the circus and kept in this pen for the day. You can see other shots on Monte Carlo Daily Photo.

20 January 2010


This pretty Cavalier, Chloe, is tiny - much smaller than usual but it doesn't take away her beauty, does it? She's 4 year old, lives in Monaco and with her owner was wandering around the circus animals, currently on display outside the circus tent in Fontvieille where the 34th Festival of Circus of Monte Carlo is taking place. Click on the link to take a look.

16 January 2010

Camilla, Susie and Nina - the Peas in a Pod

Aren't they alike? Like peas in a pod or Jack Russells in a litter. In fact they are mother and two daughters - not sure which is which although I'd imagine the mother is on the left. She's called Camilla and is ten and a half. The daughters are Susie and Nina and they are eight.

They were in Menton but in fact live in Turin.

13 January 2010


Estrelia - isn't that a pretty name. She is a one year old Papillon who lives in Menton and obviously adores her owner.

Papillon, of course is French for butterfly.

11 January 2010

Warmer Times

The weather has been so awful here - snow and then endless rain - that I've not taken many dog photos. So here's one from last June - two French bulldogs crossing the Boulevard des Moulins in Monte Carlo.

Shorts and beach shoes seem a long way away at the moment although...as I write...suddenly the sun is shining. Long may it last.

08 January 2010


Cheating really...I don't know if this little Jack Russell Terrier's name is Jack or not but the French often call this breed a 'Jack' - rather as they call football 'le foot.'

As you see, a rough Mediterranean in Menton after days and days of rain but Jack is having the best time rummaging amongst the detritus thrown up by the sea.

06 January 2010

The SDF Dog

There seem to be an awful lot of 'street dogs' in Menton this winter - meaning dogs who belong to an SDF (sans domicile fixe) - of no fixed abode. I suppose they and their owners come south in winter where the weather will be warmer - unfortunately this year it isn't. Well, warmer than Paris, no doubt, but even so not the sort of weather to sleep outside.

01 January 2010

Mehanien, the No Finish Line dog

Mehanien, is a Yorkie/Bichon mix and he was taking part in No Finish Line, which was a charity run that took place in Monaco at the end of November - all in aid of Children and the Future. You can read more about it HERE.

For every kilometer walked, jogged or run, during the 8 days of the run, 1.10 euro was donated by the sponsor - Orange - and this, as you see, included dogs.

Electronic tags were attached to shoes or in the case of a dog, it's fixed on the collar. Great way to walk the dog and earn money for a worthy cause at the same time.

Happy New Year to everyone and your dogs, of course!


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