08 January 2010


Cheating really...I don't know if this little Jack Russell Terrier's name is Jack or not but the French often call this breed a 'Jack' - rather as they call football 'le foot.'

As you see, a rough Mediterranean in Menton after days and days of rain but Jack is having the best time rummaging amongst the detritus thrown up by the sea.


Marie said...

The photo is beautiful and the dog is cute. His legs are long for a Jack Russell, don't you think?

Jilly said...

Perhaps he's a mix, Marie. You see a lot that look like this little one.

lady jicky said...

hey Jilly send down some rain here ! Over 100f today are our dams are soooo low!
Love Jack Russells -- such "goers"! LOL

But ---- I am not strong and healthy enough to own one. They would have to be the most surrendered breed here for so many people buy them thinking they are getting a little dog that is not energetic and bored easliy - Ha! its a big hunting dog in a small package!
How is your girl going Jilly?

Vicki said...

Hi Jilly

Thanks for visiting my blog and the welcome to CDP.

I know this isn’t one of your CDP blogs, but this is the one that captivated me most. I’m a dog lover from way back. I lost my beloved black Great Dane, Paris, about 18 months ago and still miss him like crazy.

Thank you so much for the virtual dog fix. I’ve added your blog to my feed list.


glenda said...

This looks like a great place for this curious little fellow to explore and run.


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