27 February 2013


This is Eole, she is from Brittany and was in Gorbio for a short visit with her owners.  Eole is 3 years old with such a gentle, steady, kind look in her eyes,  don't you think?

22 February 2013


Benny is an immaculate 5 year old white Scottish terrier. who I passed on the way to the Fete du Citron in Menton.  Of course I had to stop and chat to him and his owners as they rested on a bench by the sea.  Benny and his family live in Luxembourg and are in Menton for the festival.

I thought he was a Westie with a long foreface and understood his owners to say he was a Westie but am now assuming I'm wrong, so have changed the words here. 

19 February 2013

Tina, hunting dog of the future

Meet Tina, she's a three and a half month old hunting dog (she's a mix of hunting dog and terrier) and is being trained to hunt sanglier (wild boar).  She lives with a young hunter in the medieval village of Gorbio.  As you can see she does what all good hunting dogs do - walks along with her nose glued to the ground!

17 February 2013

Fanny and Emma

Some of you will remember Fanny, the little poodle, who was abandoned outside my gate nearly three years ago.  She was in a sorry state at the time, an old lady of 13.  As you see, she is in much better health now although she still has problems including a dodgy heart.  She's a happy camper though and now that she barks less, I'm a happy camper too ...!

She's found an adorable friend in little Emma who is the daughter of the family who own Paisley and Raffa, the golden retrievers we saw in the last post.

When they collected their dogs, Emma fell for Fanny and it seems the feeling was mutual.

12 February 2013


This is Raffa - she lives in Mouans Sartoux with Paisley who we met last time.  Raffa is a dog who half closes her eyes when she sees a camera - don't you just love that expression in the main photo. She'll be 13 in June.

09 February 2013


This is Paisley enjoying a little sunshine.  She lives with her buddy, Raffa in Mouans Sartoux, near to Grasse - famous for perfume.  Paisley is almost 14 years old. Isn't she a beautiful dog?  Next time, we'll meet Raffa.

05 February 2013

Maya the Mastiff

I met Maya, an English Mastiff, whilst shopping in Menton this morning.  Maya has appeared on this blog before - 4 or so years ago - but as she is the only English Mastiff in Menton I couldn't resist photographing that lovely slobby face once more. She's now 7 years old.

Click link to see Maya in 2008.

01 February 2013

Speed on the Beach

This little Jack Russell pup was having the best time flying around Larvotto Beach in Monaco a couple of days ago.


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