28 May 2012

The White Poodle

San Remo Dog Show:

'Please will someone brush my head for me!'

25 May 2012

Alice's Scooter

This is Alice who is a Llasa Apso x terrier.  She lives in Monaco and like many dogs from the Principality, likes to get out of the place when the Grand Prix is on. Too many people and too much noise! Vroom, vroom ...

She arrived here yesterday on a pale blue scooter driven by her owner -  peeping out at me from the safety of his legs. 

21 May 2012


We're back at the San Remo dog show today.  I don't know this little dog's name but isn't she adorable.

17 May 2012

Jackson and 'Eyes to the Right'

This is Jackson, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. With those wavy ears you can really see why they are called Cavaliers.  Jackson is six years old and lives in Paris. 

In the last photo he's with Fanny, the poodle and Daisy, the labrador - all doing their 'eyes to the right' performance ...


14 May 2012

Flying Galinette

Yesterday we saw Boutchette, one of the Restaurant Beausejour dogs in Gorbio - with her bone.  Today, we see Boutchette's friend, the Shih-tzu, Galinette, who saw a dog across the square and decided she could fly!

You can see little Galinette as a puppy (small enough to sit in a mug) by clicking on the link.

She is called Galinette from the book Manon des Sources by Marcel Pagnol.

13 May 2012

Boutchette's Bone

There was a wedding in Gorbio yesterday afternoon and Boutchette, one of the Restaurant Beausejour dogs enjoys her bone whilst the tables are being prepared.  Hope no one tripped over it later ...

08 May 2012

Cutie Pie

How adorable is  this Jack Russell terrier. The first photo was taken at the Monaco dog show and the smaller one in San Remo, where he's standing on a table waiting to go into the ring.

04 May 2012

Valensia for Finn

This is the adorable Valensia, born in Moscow and living in Cannes.  She is 16 months old and we met at both the Monaco dog show and the San Remo dog show, which was a couple of days later.  The first two pics were taken in Monaco and the last one (better light) in San Remo. 

This post is for my friend Candy and one of her dogs, Finn.  Candy lived happily with her Old English Sheepdog, Blue and her Labrador, Big Mac and then - mad fool! - decided to buy an Irish Wolfhound - who of course is adorable. He's called Finn and he's now 12 months old. I rather think Finn and Valensia would enjoy each other ...

01 May 2012

Cuddle Your Dog!

There was an enormous amount of dog cuddling going on at the San Remo dogshow.  Isn't this Irish Setter just gorgeous.

In the last photo, you see a photo posted on Menton Daily Photo a couple of days ago - lady and dog totally content with each other.


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