27 February 2009


Basset Hounds always make me laugh with their big soulful eyes. My Mia, who is a Basset Ariegois, has a similar look - wins me over every time.

Meet Charles-Henri (what a grand name). He lives in Belgium, but was in Menton with his family for the Fête du Citron and posed on the sea wall near to Roquebrune-cap-Martin.

24 February 2009

Ida - the SDF

I love this dog! See how patiently she sits by her owner in Menton. He told me she was a SDF, which means Sans Domicile Fixe (homeless) - well, it's obvious she now has a really good home, even if she has a rope lead - even that, seems to suit her adorable scruffy appearance.

Her name is Ida and she was rescued from the Antilles and now lives - obviously happily - in Nice. I've heard before of badly treated dogs being rescued from the island of Antilles. Ida was one of the lucky ones.

22 February 2009


All you can see is her nose! This lovely Briard was walking at the Place du Cap in Menton, on holiday with her owners who live in the Piedmonte area of Italy.

There's an update today on Mia and Mistral on 'Postcards from Pension Milou.'

19 February 2009

Cayenne and her orange ball

Walking along the Port of Monaco is Cayenne, a 16 month old female Cavalier King Charles. Cayenne played non-stop with her ball, continually bringing it back to her owner with a 'look' saying 'please throw it for me.'

She lives in Monte Carlo so I'm sure this is a regular game on the wide area of promenade above the luxury yachts.

17 February 2009

The Foot Ball

Using his owner's foot as a ball, perhaps this dog is a little confused. He was near to the Botero sculpture of Adam & Eve in Monaco yesterday.

14 February 2009


Meet little Thandie who is a miniature wire-haired dachshund and too cute for words. Isn't she adorable? She's only a year and a bit and lives with a standard smooth haired dachsy called Coco, who we met in Menton last June. Click on the link to see her.

Both live with their South African owners in Monte Carlo - Thandie is a South African name. Here she poses at Pension Milou. See her tail wagging in the smaller photo.

11 February 2009


This little Sheltie was a long way from his home in Luxembourg. Here with his owner for the Lemon Festival of Menton, he's 8 years old. Like many Shelties he was a little nervous at being photographed, but in the end we got there - he wouldn't look at me though - you can see in every photo he's anxiously looking at his Mama. Isn't he gorgeous.

09 February 2009


Maya was waiting for her owner outside the veggie shop in Carnoles. She's old and he is too. When he came out I had a chat and he confirmed her breed - a Pyrenean Shepherd Dog, sometimes called a Labrit here. He said she is 12 years old and his second dog of this breed. They obviously adore each other. Dogs are good for all of us but so good for an older person living alone.

See how patiently she waits for him.

07 February 2009

In step

Snapped last summer - hence the shorts. Actually it's pouring with rain at the moment and cold and yesterday we had hail too. This little dog is obviously enjoying his walk along the seafront of Menton.

'All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it'

Samuel Butler (1835-1902)

04 February 2009

Benediction of the Animals

This is a pic I took in October at the Benediction of the Animals in Menton. (It's not t-shirt weather at the moment!) No details on the dogs but isn't this a gorgeous Golden Retriever.

Update on Mama Mia and Mistral on Postcards today.


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