27 August 2011

Me and my Shadow in Ventimiglia

A hot dog fixed to a wall at a beach in Ventimiglia. At ten in the morning it was bearable but later reached around 37 degrees - too hot for me. Hopefully this dog had been taken home long before then.

25 August 2011


Well...not a very good photo of a dog swimming but I know readers sometimes like to see the context of where we are. This is the River Roya which joins the sea at Ventimiglia, just across the border in Italy. All those vans you see in the background are part of the chaos of Ventimiglia's famous Friday market.

Meanwhile...a dog and his family are enjoying the water.

19 August 2011

The Bussana Vecchia dog

This dog lives in Bussana Vecchia, a medieval village across the border in Italy. It was totally destroyed in an earthquake in 1887 and then slowly restored in the 1960s. You can look at Menton Daily Photo to follow the story of this amazingly beautiful village.

Whilst photographing the village, I snapped this dog. Know nothing about him except he's a Siberian Husky or pretty much so.

15 August 2011

The Mutt

Don't you just love dogs like this. I don't know his (or her) name or where he lives. The photo was taken in Menton so perhaps he's a local. He looks a good age, doesn't he?

10 August 2011

Italian Miss

The last few days I've been deleting a ton of photos as my hard drive is fast filling up and came across this little dog. I took it about 18 months ago when I'd gone to Latte to shop. Latte is the first village across the border in Italy - they have a good supermarket there. This little cutie was sitting in the bar with her owner. I took a few shots but when I got home decided they were all out of focus. The smaller one is, but the first one isn't - so here she is, rather later than intended.

Of course I've forgotten her name, how old she is but remember how cute she was. You don't see many Japanese Chin around here although I did recently hear there were two Japanese Chin pups available in the Monaco SPA.

04 August 2011


Pepita is a Pyrenean Sheepdog (sometimes called a l'Abri here). She belongs to my neighbour and she looks a ragamuffin because I just trimmed her - rather badly - with scissors, but in my defence we always have a bit of a battle on trimming day. I'll tidy up those wispy ends...

She lives with her friend Shadow, a Golden Retriever, who guards her jealously. We'll meet Shadow another time.


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