30 August 2008


This is Baboo - a male labrador, who lives in Gorbio village and had been down to the main square for the recent Blessing of the Animals. He's two and a half.

28 August 2008


Venus, the German Shepherd Dog, lives on a boat in the port of Garavan in Menton. Actually, not on this boat - but on one a little further along. On the day I took the photo, she and her owner were visiting a friend on another boat, hence her being on the wrong boat. She seems quite at home tho, doesn't she? Venus is 4 years old.

26 August 2008


The Papillon - or Butterfly Dog - so named because of the enormous ears with their fringes. If the ears are 'down' then they are known as Phaelene - or Moth Dogs.

Meet Myrtille - very much a Papillon - who lives in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. She's 9 years old and looking very well for her age, don't you think?


Vanille is a pocket-sized Yorkshire terrier as you can see and what a pretty one. She's 4 years old, lives in Menton and her owner runs with Les Foulées Roquebrunoise - a running group you perhaps read about on Menton Daily Photo - remember Woolite, the sheep who swims in the sea and who is their mascot?

25 August 2008


Teo is a Jacdterrier, a breed that originated in Germany. Click on the link to read more. He lives in Menton but in this photograph is in the square of Gorbio village, where he'd come with his owner - plus horses - for the Blessing on the Animals. You can see Teo with his horse friends by clicking on the second link.

24 August 2008


Jimmy is a nearly 14 year old Parson Jack Russell terrier belonging to a super lady called Jilly - well she has to be super - same name as me! Jilly lives in Roquebrune-cap-Martin and she runs with a running group called Les Foulées Roquebrunois.

Remember the sheep on Menton Daily Photo - Woolite, the sheep, is the running club's mascot.

23 August 2008

Fun in the Sun

This Jack Russell terrier was having the BEST time on the beach at Roquebrune-cap-Martin yesterday. Here he has just swum back to shore after retrieving the ball his master threw for him. You'll see another photo of this cute dog on Menton Daily Photo today - saying Bonjour to a sheep, who also swam in the sea.

22 August 2008


Luna is a cross between a Dachshund and a Bassett Hound. See her tail wag - it's out of focus! She's nine years old and she is owned by Philippe's son. Who is Philippe you may say - well he is the owner of Woolite the sheep you see in the small photo. To read more about Woolite, who was filmed in Roquebrune today for 30 Million d'Amis, a French television programme about animals, please click on the link for Menton Daily Photo.

20 August 2008


Aston (think racing cars) is a beautiful big Briard. The first Briard we've had on this blog. A Briard is a French Shepherd Dog, so really it's surprising we've not had one before. Did you know Napoleon owned one?

Aston was standing outside the fish stall in Carnoles market and lives in Menton. What a beautiful boy!

18 August 2008


Photography is all about getting the light right - or rather hoping it's right when you take a photograph. I was walking up from the port of Monaco today - towards Casino Square - when I saw this little dog. I asked the owners if I could photograph her and wham, the light was right and I knew I only needed one shot.

Basile is a wire-haired dachshund on holiday in Monte Carlo from Belgium. She's 8 years old and isn't she gorgeous!

15 August 2008

The Obama Dog

There's a little bit of a cheat here because this dog isn't a Riviera Dog - but he could well be. Blue, a nine-month old Old English Sheepdog puppy, lives with his owner, my best buddy Candy, in Ohio. Candy visits Menton often - so let's imagine she's put Blue on the plane with her!

I just couldn't resist showing you Blue's new collar - photo taken by Candy, of course, and no prizes for guessing her politics. This gorgeous collar (click to enlarge smaller photograph) was designed by Candy's oh-so-talented, artist friend, Laura R. Joseph. You can see more of Laura's beautiful work by clicking on her website.

13 August 2008

Belle, the gentle old lady

Belle is a cross between a Pyrenean Shepherd Dog and an English Setter. She certainly has the English Setter colours. In all three photos I took of her, she screws up her eyes, puts her head back and woofs. Yes, she's somewhat overweight but she's an old lady after all - 12 years old. Neverthelss, Belle lives in Menton in the Old Town so she must still be in pretty good form to walk up the steep hill each time she's going home from a walk.

11 August 2008


Maximus - big name for a little dog! We met in the pedestrian area of Menton. He's a smooth-coat chihuahua, 2 years old and comes from Vicenza in Italy.

Many of the dogs I've been showing lately come from Italy. Menton is on the Italian border.

You'll find a dog in the sand on Menton Daily Photo today.

09 August 2008


A chair for the owner and a chair for the lady dog too. Meet Didi, the 3 year old dachshund. Didi and her charming owner live at Lake Garda in Italy.

07 August 2008


Sitting at her owner's feet in a bar at the Place du Cap in Menton - this is Vokda, a three year old Labrador. She lives with her owner in Marseille.

05 August 2008


Smigle, as you see, has long worked out how to look cute. Head on one side - 'hey, look at me!' I met two year old Smigle and his own owners in the pedestrian area of Menton. They live in Modena - famous for Ferrari and also where they make the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Smigle is an interesting mix - perhaps a bit of Miniature Pinscher? Some Papillon perhaps?

03 August 2008

The Wet Dogs

The little Jack Russell so wants to play with the big dog but, no chance, he's on a lead. Two wet dogs having a day on the beach in Menton.


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