30 September 2012

Three Shelties

Three well-trained Shelties, waiting their turn to compete at the reeent Agility competition in Menton.

They live in Mandelieu and left to right are called: Bluebell Lady, Deslys d'Amour and Fleur de Lyla. They are 6, 3 and 1 and a half years old.  Adorable!

27 September 2012

Agillity! - the Golden

Another flying dog, this time a Golden Retriever about to land. The smaller photo shows him with the backdrop of the Old Town of Menton and in the last photo he's weaving in and out of the poles. Clever dog!

25 September 2012

The Flying Cavalier

There was an Agility competition in Menton recently so expect lots of photos of dogs jumping over fences! 

Isn't this Cavalier amazing - I never knew this breed did agility.

21 September 2012

Plume, the Golden Oldie

This lovely old Golden Retriever lives in Gorbio village and recently attended the Blessing of the Animals.

He's called Plume and is 13 years old. Such a gentle soul. Such a lovely breed.

16 September 2012


Here's a Riviera Dog who happens to be one of mine. This is Mia - some of you know she had a terrible life before she came here three and a half years ago. 

Now, she's in pretty good shape physically, still terrified of strangers and normally gets up and moves when I pick up the camera.  Yesterday was a bit of a breakthrough though because she saw the camera, looked at me through sleepy eyes and stayed where she was. So here she is ...

13 September 2012

Enki, the dachshund puppy and Julien

This adorable dachshund puppy, Enki, had been brought to the Blessing of the Animals in Gorbio village by his proud owner, Julien.  Julien and Enki, who is 3 months old, live in Gorbio.

In the last photo, Enki is being admired by the owner of Google, the chihuahua we met the other day. Google looks pretty interested too!

It's so good to see a young man like Julien taking such good care of his dog. 

08 September 2012


This little Miniature Pinscher is called D'squard (without the 'e' - as in D'squared) - don't you love it. D'squard is 6 years old and lives in Gorbio village.

Like all Min Pins he's really active - I took two or three shots but it was hard to get him reasonably still and then later, there he was. standing next to his owner and her handbag on a wall. Voila!

Matching handbag too!

04 September 2012

Google the Chihuahua

This adorable little Chihuahua was in Gorbio village recently for the Blessing of the Animals. Dressed for the occasion in a bow-tie, he's called Google, is 18 months old and lives in nearby Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

As you can see, he attracts a lot of attention - here being photographed by both his owner and me!


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