29 January 2011

Yupi, the Border Terrier

I love Border Terriers. All the ones I've ever met have such super temperaments. This is Yupi who is four and a half and lives in Monaco. When I met him he was out for his morning walk in Fontvieille.

24 January 2011

Edouard, the Market Dog

Meet Edouard, a year old French bulldog. He was with his owners, a young couple from Nice who have a stall in the small market that's near to the bus station in Menton. Don't be put off by his being on a chain. He is well wrapped up against the cold and fast asleep until I bothered him!

22 January 2011


As promised (see previous post) here is Nanu's little friend. She's called Nona and is 5 months old. Shih-tzus are adorable but shih-tzu puppies are good enough to eat!

19 January 2011


The lady who owns this little shih-tzu also has another shih-tzu - a puppy (we'll see her next time) and at home in Switzerland, she has four other dogs. I met Nanu enjoying the sunshine near the swimming pool in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

17 January 2011

Daisy again...

You've met Daisy, the Labrador, on this blog before. She lives in Cannes but stays here when her owners are away. This photo is the result of needing to practice with the new camera that dear Santa Claus delivered for Christmas. I'm pleased with the shot and hope you like it too. And by the way, all the others taken on the same day were awful...so there is much to learn!

13 January 2011

Patience in pink and purple

Everywhere I look there is a small dog tied up outside a shop - or simply waiting, off lead, as we saw the other day. This little bichon waits patiently outside a fruit and veggie shop. Smart jacket!

09 January 2011


This little dog was waiting outside the patisserie for her owner. She looks like a Bearded Collie but she is far too small so I'm not sure what she is - except she's adorable.

05 January 2011


It seems all the little dogs in the south of France are sporting rather smart coats these days. This is Rufus, a little Min Pin, who is 18 months old. He comes from Milan so no wonder he's stylish! He posed on a bench in Place aux Herbes in Menton.

You can see another smart Min Pin on Menton Daily Photo today.

01 January 2011


This is Cheeky, the boxer, looking adoringly at her owner, Nicky. They live in Monaco and it's no surprise to know they adore each other.

Happy New Year to everyone - peace, health, happiness and love and licks to your dogs. woof woof


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