30 April 2016

28 April 2016

Attack Dog

An 'attack' dog is grabbed by his handler after stopping a 'baddie' and downing him - part of a display at Monaco's dog show last year. 

26 April 2016

Black biker

Motor bike poodle!

25 April 2016


French Bulldogs melt my heart.  This is Spirou, he's 4 years old and lives in Gorbio. 

Unfortunately he has leishmaniosis, but with regular treatment he will continue to live a normal life, albeit sometimes with a bit of weakness. For anyone that doesn't know, leishmaniosis is caused by a bite from a phlebetome (a type of tiny mosquito) that puts parasites into the blood. There is no cure, but with drugs it is kept in remission.

Isn't he adorable!

23 April 2016


This is Marie.  She's a black labrador or perhaps a lab mix - she's around 3 or 4 years old and lived in a refuge until she was given her forever home by a family in Gorbio. 

22 April 2016

Well-travelled Daisy

Daisy, the Labrador, was born in England, lived in the south of France, moved to Australia and then moved back to the UK - where she now lives.  But one time, she was indeed a Riviera Dog.


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