31 May 2016


Fiston is the Croc'antine dog.  Croc'antine is a small restaurant in Menton, opposite the Cocteau Musuem, where you'll eat lovely freshly food, cooked and served by Fiston's charming owners.  I don't think dog biscuits are on the menu though ...

29 May 2016


English Setter love ...

27 May 2016

Muriel, Nina and Emma

How to get a dog and a child together ... hide behind them!  Here (although you don't see her!) is Muriel in Gorbio village, with her little Yorkie, Nina - and Emma who thinks it's all the best fun.

26 May 2016

Hair Colour

Ever noticed how people choose dogs with the same colour hair? 

25 May 2016

Proud Mama

Proud Mama with her Llasa Apso ready to go into the showring in Monaco.

24 May 2016

Bulldogs reign!

Who doesn't love a Bulldog! 


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