23 October 2016


No surprise to see a Neopolitan Mastiff in Naples although sad to see he is used for begging - however he is in excellent condition and seems well-cared for by his owner.

22 October 2016

Tibet in Monaco

I met these four beauties in Monte Carlo yesterday.  They are Tibetan Terriers from Lake Constance in Switzerland - and obviously show dogs!   Left to right: Magic, Bimala, Chiwa and Chenpo.

21 October 2016

20 October 2016

19 October 2016

Setter beauty

If this was my dog he'd have snatched the bread by now!  A beautiful setter I met in Naples.

15 October 2016


Words are not needed to explain the rapport and love between these two. This beautiful Swiss Shepherd dog is called Ghost and lives in Gorbio.


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