26 November 2014

Olive and Jack at play ...

On Saturday I had to leave PhotoMenton to go and feed my meter. On the way I couldn't resist snapping these two playing in the Jardin Bioves.  The German Shepherd mix is called Jack and he's 5 years old. The Jack Russell terrier is called Olive and she's six months.

Don't you love it when the big dog gets down to the level of the smaller dog so they can properly play - even if it does look a bit like a fight! It's not!

18 November 2014

First Outing for Lola

Dogs are not allowed into the Palace de l'Europe in Menton but much depends on the security guys. On the day this Miniature Pinscher came to visit 'PhotoMenton' with her owners, they allowed small dogs in, provided they were carried.  So meet tiny Lola, only 4 months old and on her very first outing. She lives in Menton.

13 November 2014

Black and white in the water

On Saturday the Festival PhotoMenton opens its doors to 110 photographers. This year my theme is 'dogs' and here's one of the photos I'll be exhibiting.  If any of you are living near to Menton, do come along. You'll see so many varied and wonderful styles of photography from so many talented photographers. 

See www.photomenton.com for more info.

This is Joe, the cocker spaniel, along with his co-owner, Emmanuelle. We saw him in a beautiful old car, a 1968 Renault 4L in a recent post.   This was taken at the Coulée Verte in Nice.  Of course Emma is the perfect model and, indeed, she ruined a pair of tights to make these photos.  Thank you, dear Emma! xxx

03 November 2014

Haston and Larry

Meet Haston and Larry, two English bulldogs who live in Menton. Bulldogs are such fun and have the most beautiful temperaments and of course are such clowns. Look at the expression on the faces of these two! 

Thanks so much to my friend Sylvie who arranged for me to meet these two and their lovely owner Celine in the Parc de Pian in Menton. 

26 October 2014


This gorgeous dog is in fact a 7-month old  puppy.  She's called Lena and is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  She lives in Gorbio which is where I met her at the recent Fete de la Branda. Isn't she fabulous!

19 October 2014

Emmanuelle and Joe

Turn right! Turn right! 'Joe, you are not looking in the right direction ...

Meet my beautiful friend, Emmanuelle and Joe, the cocker spaniel.  Joe is 4 years old and lives in Nice with Emma and Guillaume.

In the smaller photo you see Patrick, owner of this stunning 1968 Renault 4L.

My birthday was last Monday but yesterday these precious friends and Sylvie organised a surprise second birthday celebration! How lucky am I? Five of us plus Joe in this car, whizzing around Nice, an enormous bouquet of flowers and of course all our camera gear.  And a great lunch in the Old Town of Nice.  I thought we were all back in 1968!

Thanks so much everyone! I loved, loved, loved the day.


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