30 June 2015

The Perch

A Jack Russell's perch - the best place, in his owner's arms!

24 June 2015

'Ours' after two months

Some of you have kindly asked how 'Ours' = Bear (pronounced Orse) my newly adopted dog is coming along. Well here he is after two months here - he loves the garden, he plays BUT he is still terrified of any visitor and lives in fear of the someone coming through the front gate. But there is progress - and of course I'm in love!

18 June 2015

Fluffing up a Peke

Pekinese 'brush up'  at the Monaco dog show. 

16 June 2015

A pat on the head

A pat on the head by a stranger for this little Cavalier who has been tied up, in the shade.  He is more interested though in watching his owner, who came back for him almost immediately.

13 June 2015

Sheltie X 4

Gorbio village has four new residents ... well, five if you count the owner! These four beautifully behaved Shelties seem at home already on the old cobbled streets.

08 June 2015


This is Iris, the lovely golden retriever belonging to my friend and neighbour, Agnès.  It is Agnès who corrects the French on my Menton Daily Photo blog each day. No mean feat!


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