23 July 2016

Cute cute cute

How cute is this Yorkie! And with such presence too ...

22 July 2016


This is Hysathis, only 15 months old.  She is a Russian Toy Terrier.  Originating from the English Toy Terrier, now known as the Manchester Terrier.

21 July 2016

Joy and Lilou

Two friendly Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Menton yesterday.  Joy is on the left and Lilou on the right.

20 July 2016


This is Hyde - a gorgeous bull terrier pup in the square in Gorbio village. 

19 July 2016

Maggie and Mia

This is a photo I published about 3 years ago but here it is again for anyone who didn't see it. Maggie, a red and white Irish setter is on the left, and on the right is Mia, a Bassett Ariegois (a French hunting dog). 

18 July 2016

Larry and Haston

Larry and Haston - who seem to have different ideas of where they are going!


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