29 October 2013

The Jack Russell and the Cobblestones

How to sleep without putting your head on the ground! Aren't dogs clever!  This little Jack Russell lives at the studio of a ceramist in Bussana Vecchia. 

Note the ancient cobblesstones - still in place after hundred and hundreds of years and not so easy to walk on, even for a dog ...

27 October 2013


This big beautiful boy is a Cane Corso, an Italian breed.  The breed predates its cousin, the Neopolitan Mastiff and is less bulky than other mastiff breeds.

He's called Daram and is 3 years old and lives in Monaco.

19 October 2013


This lovely big boy is a Leonberger.  He's called Hermes and he's 14 months old.  He really didn't want to look at the camera!

I met Hermes at the Fete de la Branda in Gorbio village.

15 October 2013


This is India a four month old American Black and Tan Hound (or Coon Hound).  She's owned by the man in the last photo and will be used to hunt wild boar when all grown up and trained.

10 October 2013


Meet Ricky who is 6 years old.  I met him at the Fete de la Branda in Gorbio.  In fact, you can see the beautiful old copper still behind him in which the 'branda' (eau de vie or marc) is distilled. 

He's a mixed breed and adorable.

04 October 2013

Ipy and Itou

How adorable are these two Brittany Spaniel brothers!  I met them in Monaco walking along Avenue Princesse Grace although their owners told me they also have a place in La Turbie where they can enjoy the countryside.

They were nearly 8 and a half weeks old when I took this photos.  Their names: Ipy and Itou.


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