28 December 2014

Pom in Waiting

Looks like a little Pomeranian (or tiny Spitz) patiently waiting whilst his owner reads a real estate magazine.  Note the orange trees laden with fruit.  Not long now and Menton will be celebrating the Fete du Citron.

27 December 2014

Market Dog

This lovely dog is a Menton market dog.  Tied up to the owner's stand and doing his job as a guard.  With the Christmas rush and a busy stall, I didn't stop to ask his name. He's a beautiful deep  brown and is some kind of setter, perhaps an Irish setter but the head doesn't look quite right and the colour isn't perhaps red enough. Perhaps a mix? Perhaps someone knows. In any case, he's beautiful!

23 December 2014

Sense of Direction ...

Place du Cap, Menton 

Not quite sure who is walking who in this photo!

16 December 2014

Conversation with a Whippet

I wonder how many people know their dogs have private conversations with strangers behind their back.

I met this lovely Whippet in Dolceacqua. 

09 December 2014


Let's have another dose of cuteness.  Meet Indy.  He's a one year old Papillon who lives in Nice.  I think he knows how cute he is!

05 December 2014

Abby and Roxy

Abby and Roxy are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Abby lives in Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Roxy lives in Monaco.

01 December 2014

Halloween (2)

Here's another photo of little Halloween, who we met yesterday.  She's with her co-owner Richard (well half of him!) sitting on steps in the medieval village of Gorbio.  Halloween lives in Villefranche-sur-Mer.


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