29 November 2013


Who could resist Oliver?  He's a one-year old mixed breed, totally attentive to his owner, whose beautiful lady sits by watching proudly.  They were sitting having a coffee outside a café in Menton. Oliver lives in Imperia, across the border in Italy.

25 November 2013

Calvin and the Fountain

Calvin, this 6 year old French bulldog lives in Menton and likes to take a bath in the fountain at Place du Cap.  He waited in vain on this occasion because, as his owner explained, it was too cold for a swim.

22 November 2013

Halloween at PhotoMenton

Halloween is an adorable 5 year old chihuahua who lives in Villefranche.  She's seen here with the well-known and talented playwright Tim Fountain who is looking after her whilst her owners are away.

Yesterday she visited PhotoMenton along with Tim and his elegant boyfriend, Richard Allen who has a website called Chic For Brains.

I think she enjoyed the photos...!

18 November 2013

Gizmo, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog

This is Gizmo.  He's a thirsty Polish Lowland Sheepdog who lives in Menton - here drinking in Place aux Herbes.  He's two and  a half years old and his owner told me he is the only Polish Lowland Sheepdog in Menton.

13 November 2013


Isn't he too adorable! This is Pépé, an eighteen month od Jack Russell terrier - absolutely black and white. No brown on him at all and with a lovely wiry coat.

Pépé lives in Varese in Italy but I met him in Menton.

10 November 2013

Village Dogs in Peille

An early morning stroll for a couple of dogs in the village of Peille.  Peille is a mountain village 25 kilometres from Menton and Monaco.  Here dogs can wander as they wish - and  get a pat from the chef before he starts work.

05 November 2013

Hyde at the Fete de la Branda

This Bull Terrier and his pretty young owner were at the recent Fete de la Branda in Gorbio village. I thought I'd written down the dog's name but I can't find it. Sorry! If his owner sees this please let me know and I'll add the information. I do remember though that he is young - maybe 9 months or a year old. (He's called Hyde. Thanks Estelle)


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