31 December 2012


How adorable is Dora?  She's an English Setter puppy aged three months who lives with a delightful young couple in Italy.  I met her at the Christmas Fair in Monaco.

28 December 2012


Meet Empi.  She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who lives in Sweden but also visits Menton regularly where her owners have a holiday home.  Empi is 7 years old and is posing here in the Jardin Bioves. Love her crazy ears which she uses so expressively.

27 December 2012

Hera, one little boy's dream

All I want for Christmas, tra la ... and it looks like one little Menton boy's dream came true. 

This is Hera, a 2 month old female golden retriever.  The boy's father told me they have had golden retrievers before and know what a perfect breed they are with children. This looks like a match made in heaven.

23 December 2012

Billy and Bach

Billy and Bach are litter brothers who live in Menton. They are a Jack Russell X poodle mix - and they look it, don't they?  I met them in Place aux Herbes this morning.  That's Bach in the first photo with the blue harness, Billy with the red one.  They are five years old and you see, bright as buttons.  

21 December 2012

The SDF's dog

This lovely dog belongs to an SDF ('sans domicile fixe') which translates as 'homeless.'

The majority of SDFs seem to have a dog and those I've seen are well fed.  The local vets will treat these dogs free when it's  necessary. This dog has a blanket, bowls, even cardboard underneath her so she won't get chilled. Cynically I suppose one could say she is displayed in this way to encourage people to give money.  Who knows?  The truth is that often a dog is the only friend a homeless person has. 

I asked her owner if I could take her photo and he let me but insisted I didn't take his - so of course I didn't.

18 December 2012


Last time, we met Aston.  Today we meet his half-brother Bentley who is 9 years old. These two are such sweet adorable dogs and live in Monaco. 

13 December 2012


This is Aston, an 8 year old golden retriever who lives in Monaco. Obviously thinking that if he closes his eyes I won't take his photograph.

Aston lives with Bentley (got it? - posh cars!) - we'll meet  Bentley next time ...

08 December 2012


This is a Toby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  He lives in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Isn't he a beautiful specimen of this lovely breed ...

05 December 2012

For Chihuahua lovers

A chihuahua at the recent Kermesse (church/charity bazaar) in Monaco.

02 December 2012


How adorable is this little boy!  He's a mix between a poodle and a Jack Russell terrier and is called Croque-Monsieur.  He's two years old and lives in Antibes although I met him at the Kermesse in Monaco yesterday.

A croque monsieur is a ham and cheese grilled sandwich which originated in French cafés and bars. He's so-called because his owner likes to eat them!

Two years ago at the Kermesse, (church and charity bazaar) someone had pinned a piece of paper on a pillar advertising pups for sale - with a photograph. Jenny, his owner read the sign ... one of those pups was Croque-Monsieur.


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