31 May 2009


This little poodle has the most wonderful eyes and expression, doesn't she? So direct, so trusting, so interested.

She was on holiday in Menton from Belgium - she's two and a half years old and her name - Bijou - means jewel. She is well-named.

26 May 2009


This lovely Miniature Bull Terrier is called Kâlî, which means Indian goddess. She's only 15 months of age and lives in Roquebrune-cap-Martin.

24 May 2009

The Dog in the Car

This lovely dog stared at me as I walked along the promenade in Menton. His car was stuck in traffic so it was an easy shot. Isn't he or she lovely? I adore that direct gaze with soft gentle eyes.

22 May 2009


There are three dog beaches in Menton and on this day, there were loads of dogs. This little one, tucked up close to her owner and watching the swimmers in the sea.

Maeva is a mix of a Yorkshire terrier and a Poodle and you can see it, can't you? Bright as a button at ten years of age, Maeva lives at Le Touquet.

20 May 2009


This lovely old dog was happy to flop down whilst I took her photograph. She's 14 years old which is a really good age for a Dalmatian. She has her aches and pains of course but she manages very well.

Camilla lives part of the time in Milan, with her charming Italian owner. The rest of the time she is in Menton - overlooking the sea in Garavan - so she doesn't have far to walk for her morning stroll.

18 May 2009


Snoopy is waiting with his owners for the Marathon to pass by. This is a 10 kilometre run along the beachfront - Menton to Roquebrune and back - that took place yesterday.

Snoopy, a mix of a spaniel and a pointer, is a male of 8 years and lives in Cannes. It was busy in Menton yesterday but not nearly as crowded as it would have been in Cannes, where the Film Festival is currently taking place.

14 May 2009


This little Pomeranian is from Turin. Far more interested in her bowl of water from the fountain in Places aux Herbes, Menton, than me. She's 13 years old - looks in good form, doesn't she?

11 May 2009


How adorable is this little dog! Millie is only 4 months old and lives with Boulli, the dog we met last time. You can see them both in the smaller photo, taking in the Tourism office of Menton - (not a good photo but shows how tiny Millie is).

09 May 2009


This lovely dog was sitting in the Menton Tourism office. He's 7 year old. Not alone tho, he has a little friend - only 4 months - who you'll meet next time. Boulli is not a tourist tho - he lives in Menton.

07 May 2009

Black and White Frenchie

Black and white French bulldog in a black and white photo - walking along the promenade. I so admire people who can cope with a dog and a baby in a pram. This little dog is beautifully behaved.

05 May 2009


Monoi is 6 years old and was in Menton with her young owner. Funny ears, eh? A lab mixed with something ... I wonder what? A cutie.

Manoi lives at Cagnes sur Mer, along the coast from Menton.

03 May 2009

Chippie - who knows she is Cute

You can almost hear this little dog saying... 'I'll pose with the yachts in the background, as befits my beauty. And if you don't think I'm beautiful enough, then I'll put my head on one side so I look really cute.'

This little Maltese Terrier (Bichon Maltais in French) is called Chippie. She's 3 and lives in Menton. Her owner is a great lady who sells crystals of all sizes and colours. She has a shop in the pedestrian street of Menton but also a stall not far from the Place du Cap, which is where I took this photograph.


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