26 May 2009


This lovely Miniature Bull Terrier is called Kâlî, which means Indian goddess. She's only 15 months of age and lives in Roquebrune-cap-Martin.


Anonymous said...

enfin un autre minibull!Je l'attendais!bisous de Patrizia,"maman" d'un autre minibull que vous connaissez dejà

Teri said...

Oh Kali, what lovely teeth you have! Here in Oregon USA, many owners of this breed (as well as Rotts & Chows) encounter troubles with home owners insurance, or rental contracts that forbid the breed. This girl looks quite civilized, despite her studded collar.

Jilly said...

Teri, I don't think the bull terrier has that reputation. This is the English bull terrier with the slit eyes. The one in America is either a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a Pit Bull - I think - am open to correction. Perhaps I'm wrong and this English bull terrier is considered in the same category as the other two?

Anonymous said...

Je suis la maman de Kâlî!
Je suis contente d'apparaitre enfin sur le blog!!
Très jolie photos de mon bébé :D

Teri, The English Bull Terrier makes in no way left the categories classified as dangerous, it is a dog sosiable and very very pot of glue!! In spite of when meme a very strong personality!

Jilly said...

I look after a miniature bull terrier called Yoko and she is absolutely adorable and fabulous with other dogs. So is Kali!

So glad you like the photos, Maman de Kali.

Teri said...

Thank you for the correction, Jilly and Kali's Mom. Kali appears quite friendly (and energetic?) and I apologize for presuming an aggression that is not accurate. Do I understand you to say she sticks close to her Maman, like a pot of glue?

lady jicky said...

I love to draw bullies as they have a fabulous fat broken nose look. Love that photo!

In Australia we have some breeds that are more expensive to register and I do think these are on the list.
Mind you - its about the breeding and the Treatment a dog gets that makes it dangerous!

Jilly said...

Different countries probably have diffeent rules. In France the following are the dogs in the two categories:

* Category 1: Attack dogs:

Pitbull/American Staffordshire Terrier (without pedigree registration), Mastiff/Boerbull without pedigree registration, Tosa (without pedigree papers)

* Category 2: Guard dogs:

Rottweiler (pedigreed), Staffordshire terrier (pedigreed), American Staffordshire Terrier (pedigreed), Tosa Inu (pedigree). These dogs must be registered with a pedigree which is recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The second category requires a muzzle at all times. Not sure about the 1st category. I've a feeling they are not allowed or certainly may not be bred, think they are banned actually.

So in neither category is the Bull Terrier which is quite different, as you know, to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

And yes, Teri, you are right, Kali's owner wrote saying she is stuck to her like a pot of glue!

Don't we know other dogs like that?!

Anonymous said...

Please, clarify that the english Bull Terrier makes party of no category of dog says dangeureux! (For my part I think that there is no just nasty dog of bad maitres)
Very often in the street people take my bull Terrier for Pitt Bull and do not hesitate has to make me réflections more or nasty moin! Not easy to stay quiet face has that!

My Kâlî is a tétu dog which asks a firm education!!!
But there is of the résustat:D
I love my pot of glue!!!!

Mélanie (maman de Kâlî)

Jilly said...

Melanie, j'ai deja ecrit, mais en anglais (regardez-vous mes mots avants) que le Bull Terrier n'est pas dans le categorie 1 ou 2. C'est un chien adorable, pas mechant.

Anonymous said...

j'ai eu un petit probleme de traduction... oups!
c'est pas "Please " que je voulais écrire mais "thanks"... :D
je sais tres bien que mon chien ne fait pas parti des 2 catégories...

le Bull est un amour de chien!! :D


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I today begin a three day series of photos of a dog on the beach that I wanted to make sure that you see.

Teri said...

And now, Jilly, I finally understand why I've never seen a Rottweiler portrait in your list of Riviera Dogs! However, given the chance, I'd guess that a "Jilly portrait" of a Rott would illuminate the breed (as all your photos seem to do)...

Jilly said...


Actually I've photographed two Rotties but neither of the photos were much good. In one the dog wore a muzzle, in the other not, I seem to remember. If I can find the photos (doubt it, ages ago!) I'll put one on but I'll make it my business,in the future, specially for you, to take a photo of a Rottie. You don't see that many walking about tho.

Anonymous said...

Kali is not just an Indian goddess, but the goddess of death and destruction! I assume this girl's owners have a sense of humor, because she looks like a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! The owners of Kâlî have of the humor!!
Name are has was chosen in reference has the seen déstruction the slaughter which she makes me has the house!!
The good joke!! :D

la maman de Kâlî !


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