31 May 2009


This little poodle has the most wonderful eyes and expression, doesn't she? So direct, so trusting, so interested.

She was on holiday in Menton from Belgium - she's two and a half years old and her name - Bijou - means jewel. She is well-named.


Anonymous said...

That smaller photo is hilarious!

lady jicky said...

Jilly - she is a little gem!!!
Ditto "goodname for a dog" above - the bottom photo is so Cute!

* Jilly - how to you say "cute" in French????

Jilly said...

Lady Jicky

Cute in French is mignon. She really is, isn't she?

Prospero said...

Boujour Bijou, vous êtes très jolie.

Owen said...

Hi Jilly,
It took me a little while to figure out that you have some other blogs... love your dogs here ! I suppose you must be familiar with the work of Elliott Erwitt ?

Just did a post today about the Paris Dog Cemetery which may be of interest to you...

Blind Fly Theater said...

OK, one more time, Jilly!
This is the third site of yours that I find irresistible! I'm adding "Riviera Dogs" also to my “Sparkling Gems of Delight” section on the sidebar (favorite blogs) of SparkleMirror.

Thanks once again!

PS -- You are the only blogger that has more than one site (and THREE at that) in my favorites section!

Blind Fly Theater said...

The color, depth, and contrasts you've captured in this magnificent and beautiful canine is incredible. Wonderful Jilly!


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