03 June 2009


Kaila was resting in the shade with her owner - just around the corner from the market building. English Bulldogs have such gorgeous temperaments but if they are naughty and you have to get hold of them, goodness, they are strong. I've had one or two at Pension Milou who have thought it great fun to eat a door frame!

Kaila is three and lives in Milan - on holiday here in Menton.


Blind Fly Theater said...

I absolutely love your dog portraits... how do you approach the owners about photographing their pets?

WendyB said...

I can't resist a smushy bulldog face.

Prospero said...

C'est un beau chien. Et il fait chaud!

Jilly said...

David, I just ask people 'Please can I photograph your dog?' and then I tell them I have a blog called Riviera Dogs and that I'll give them the link. I have only ever had one person refuse - she was very suspicious of me. But everyone else just loves the idea of their dog appearing on the internet and I meet such lovely people this way too - as well as the dogs, of course.

Lessie said...

Kaila is adorable. English Bull Dogs are irresistible.

Owen said...

What is there not to love about her ?!? Inner beauty shines, especially in the second smaller photo where she is clearly smiling.

Does look like she was drooling a little... but loveable nevertheless !

lady jicky said...

I do like Bulldogs but i hate seeing them in Australia. Its way too hot for them and they puff so much it worries me.
Mind you - Tassie is a good spot for them!


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