20 June 2009

Dog Training - Bandit takes a nap

Of course, I'm kidding. Bandit, the Border Collie, isn't napping but closing his eyes to the sun.

Border Collies are so intelligent, but they do need training. They need to feel they are working.

This lovely boy is 3 years old and lives in the hill village of Sospel which is 20 kilometres above Menton.


WendyB said...

That first photo is adorable.

lady jicky said...

He looks like he is having a little "zone out" time and dreaming of his dinner that night!

Owen said...

Border collies are great dogs, so incredibly smart... that one out in Brittany with the tennis ball was a real trip how clever he was. Bandit looks like a character...

Owen said...

PS thanks for signing in to "follow" me... just noticed you in the "followers" box... :-D

Country Girl said...

Came here from a suggestion Owen left on a comment at my blog. Love your dog photos!
My border says hello (not really). But here he is:

Keep up the great work.


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