18 June 2009

Dog Training - Pepsi

Pepsi is an intelligent little dog, bright as a button and enjoying his training class - you could see how he wanted to please his owner. You can see him in the Sit/Stay a couple of postings ago.

He's 2 years old and is a mix of a Pinscher and an Australian Terrier. He lives in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.


john said...

I have often wondered why trainers use the term sit/stay. It seems to me that sit would say it all. Any thoughts?

Jilly said...

John, I think when you tell a dog to sit, it could be simply that it's near you at the table, for instance, and you want it to sit. When they do a Sit/Stay, all the owners walk a long long way from the dogs and expect the dog to say in that sitting or lying down position. It's normal for a dog to sit near an owner but not normal for it to sit and the owner walks and walks and walks further away. Not sure that explains it but anyway it's a different exercise.

lady jicky said...

Now that is one cute Aussie mate!

Pasi from Finland said...

Hooray for Aussies, even thou he isn't pure Aussie. I just love their eagerness to do anything, their wisdom and i-love-all- attitude. I had to put my Aussie to sleep last November due to a cancer round his teeth and I still miss him a lot.

Thanks so much Jilly for showing us and especially to me this dog!


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