29 October 2008

Altesse, the Market Dog

Altesse, (Highness in English) the Brittany spaniel lives in the Var and once a week, on a Friday, comes to Menton to sit with her owner at the antique fair there. Such an alert and intelligent look.

26 October 2008


Another dog sitting patiently with her owner waiting for the Blessing on the Animals in Menton. I don't know if she is a Boxer, a Mastiff, or a mix of the two. In the first photo she looks to be a boxer, in the second, that width of jaw and longer muzzle, she looks a mastiff. Anyone an idea?

I don't know her name - just loved that she sat so patiently with no lead - waiting - and such an intense expression as if she knew every word that was being said.

PS: Thanks 'Anonymous' who thinks she is a Dogue de Bordeaux and I totally agree.

25 October 2008


Chanelle has the right name, doesn't she? She seems to go with her owner's beautiful jewellry. Chanelle is 3 year old, lives in Menton and was sitting on her owner's lap waiting for the Blessing of the Animals held near to the Sablettes beach. More dogs who were there - tomorrow.

21 October 2008


How would you like this doggy sitting on your lap?! Meet Yorek, a Saint Bernard puppy of 8 months - yes, just a pup and already weighing 72 kilos.

You can see his meeting with yesterday's bull terrier, Nanou in the middle photo.

20 October 2008


Nanou is a bull terrier of 15 months. Just after I took this photograph he met a Saint Bernard - come back tomorrow and you'll meet Yorek.

Nanou comes from Genoa in Italy.

17 October 2008


The second Welsh Terrier on Riviera Dogs.

Gucci is an adorable, naughty Welsh Terrier puppy - he's 7 months old with not a nasty bone in his body. Loves every one, loves other dogs, just wants to play. One high energy bundle.

15 October 2008


Lara simply wouldn't keep still so I'm sorry her foreface is rather fuzzy. And she's the old lady! Lara is a 12 year old Welsh Terrier who lives with Yelka, who you met yesterday - also in the lower photograph. Welsh terriers obviously have energy to spare all their lives. Taken in the pedestrian street in Menton.

14 October 2008


Yelka, a beautiful 17 month Airedale terrier. She lives with her American owner in Luxembourg alongside an older Welsh terrier, which we'll see tomorrow. Here she is walking in Menton.

12 October 2008


A beautiful Leonberger in Menton. She's 3 years old and her family moved to Menton only one month ago - they live in the Old Town.

11 October 2008

Sweetie Pie

This is Sweetie Pie at the toilettage before her haircut. She lives in Menton and belongs to an English lady.

08 October 2008


Coquinne was holidaying in Menton from Cologne in Germany. She's 5 years old and suffers from a condition where the eye is always dry and so she needs daily eye-drops - for life. Her owner said she is also rather hard of hearing.

So a couple of problems for this lovely Cavalier but isn't she beautiful. I love that soft sweep of jaw.

07 October 2008


Sometimes you look at a dog and think you know the mix. Now this one has Corgi ears, doesn't she? Or so I thought. Her owner tho, who lives in Rome and was on holiday in Menton tells me she is a mix of a Bassett and a Pinscher.

Betty 6 years old. Look at the hearts on her collar and lead - one adored dog.

06 October 2008


Meet Dolly, a two month old English setter puppy. She lives in Gorbio village, near to Menton. She attracted lots of attention as she was carried around the village during the recent Fête de la Branda - the annual festival that celebrates the distilling of eau de vie or Grappa.

How adorable is she!

04 October 2008


Isn't she gorgeous. This is Sandy, a mix from Milan in Italy. She's 4 years old. She was in a refuge before her family found her. Lucky dog, lucky family. Don't you love her beautiful eyes.

In these photographs she was walking around Menton with her owners.

03 October 2008


This 5 year old poodle, who lives in Menton, was being carried around the plant fair that took place a week or so ago.

02 October 2008


Meet Pablo, a gorgeous smooth haired dachshund. He lives in San Remo, across the border in Italy. I met him in Menton.

01 October 2008

Tess or Nina?

See yesterday's posting - is this Tess or Nina?


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