28 September 2007

Black and white

These two adorable French bulldogs were waiting to see the vet. Don't you love that they are looking in exactly the same direction and with the same expression in their eyes?

22 September 2007

The White Collar

There's a lot of Jack Russell's about. More of this type - broken coated. This little chap was very perky, sitting alongside his owner in a Menton square. The white plastic collar, put on by his caring owner, is a Scalibor collar - against Leishmaniosis which is rife in this part of France.

18 September 2007

The 'Doriana' Dog

This perky little wire-haired dachshund is a Very Important Dog and lives in total luxury on a beautiful classic yacht currently moored in the harbour of Monte Carlo . You want to see him aboard his boat - then please click on THIS LINK.

16 September 2007

Ol' blue eye

Isn't this the bluest eye you ever saw? Is it real? Could it be a glass eye? I've seen eyes as blue as this in Old English Sheepdogs but I've never seen it before in a Shih-Tzu and apparently it's not acceptable in the breed standard. Perhaps his eye was damaged as this can result in it turning blue - I suspect this is the case here. Owner and dog are taking a rest outside a pharmacy in Menton.

07 September 2007


These two little Yorkies are patiently waiting. Dogs are not allowed in the beautiful Japanese Garden in Monte Carlo so their 'mother' is enjoying the gardens, whilst their 'father' waits outside. Later I saw the couple walking along - one Yorkie in a basket, another on lead.

03 September 2007

Ricky, the blind dachshund

This is Ricky, a totally blind 6-year old wire-haired dachshund in one of the squares of Menton. He was blinded by cruelty. Although the photo doesn't show it, his eyes are green and opaque. His lovely owners are in the photo below and at the point I took the photo, see how proud the wife is of her beautiful dog. The husband was telling me how impressed he was that as a French person I spoke such good English! I'm English of course so perhaps he was having me on! Meanwhile, I'll pretend he thought I spoke really good French at the beginning of our conversation...pass me my French grammar book!


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