29 October 2012

Flamme - the 'Moth' Dog

This is Flamme, an eleven year old Phalene who lives in Switzerland. I met her in Menton.

A Papillon (butterfly) has its ears UP and a Phalene (moth) has its ears DOWN.

27 October 2012


This little dog lives in the medieval village of Gorbio and can often be seen under her owner's chair in the Bar/Restaurant Les Terrasses. When I asked what mixture of breeds she is, her owner told me she s a 'Gorbarine' - as she said, you often see small dogs who look like Nourse.  A wiry coat, terrier like face but with an undershot jaw.  And oozing intelligence.  Nourse is 18 months old.

22 October 2012


Jen, the dachshund, was guarding her bench and really didn't want her photograph taken ... grrrrrrrr

19 October 2012


Eros is a beautiful Tervuren I met at the Agility competition in Menton.  He's three years old and lives in Menton. A beauty.

16 October 2012


Meet Bramble - a cute Cairn Terrier.  Bramble is just over a year old and lives in Monaco.

13 October 2012


This is one tough little puppy.  Only 3 month old and just a handful in size, but she thinks she's a fully grown big dog! I met her at the Fete de la Branda in Gorbio.

Hanoi is her name and she lives in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Adorable!

08 October 2012


Ambra is a 5-month old Golden Retriever who lives at Mortola Superiore, just across the border in Italy - and in Germany.  So young and yet so well-behaved for a puppy Golden.  Very well trained by her owners, Sigi and Manfred!

Here you see her drinking out of the 'source' in the medieval village of Gorbio and in the last photo she wants to play with a male Golden she has just met outside the church - he's called Tom and lives in Monaco.

03 October 2012

Double Cream

This lovely whippet competed at the Agility competition in Menton.  He's four years old and he's called Double Cream but his owners call him DD. He lives in Cannes. 


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