30 April 2007

Remembering those...

This little cutie is not taking as much interest as his owner in what is going on. In fact, a crowd has gathered for the National Day of the Deportation - the day that remembers those sent to the concentration camps. You can see another photo and read more here.

29 April 2007

Get a portable telephone!

Taken in one of the main squares of Menton, this little dog waits quite happily for his owners to make a call.

23 April 2007


More visitors to the Monaco Dog Show.

22 April 2007


Taken in the beautiful garden of the Clos du Peyronnet in Menton, this little Jack Russell is having fun hunting amongst the pots. This was taken on the day the owner of the Clos was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. Felicitations, William.

21 April 2007

Fu Man Chu

This dog is not a Riviera dog. He was entered at the Monaco Dog Show, and comes from Normandy. No matter, he was a Riviera Dog for a day at least. With his whiskers hanging over the edge of the table, he reminds me of Fu Man Chu!

19 April 2007

La Chienne des Toilettes

This lovely cocker spaniel is owned by the lady who looks after les toilettes at the Circus in Monaco - this time, not for the circus, but for the Monaco Dog show. Very apt.

10 April 2007

Scottish dog, Scottish trousers

I wonder if this lady is Scottish. She could be, dressed as she is in tartan to complement her Scottish breed: a West Highland White terrier. Here they are crossing the road in Carnoles at Roquebrune cap Martin.

08 April 2007

Train Two

This cute Papillon (Butterfly Dog) was sitting on her owner's lap on the Menton to Nice train. I asked if she had to buy a ticket for her and she said that in theory she should have one but that she never bothered. It seems the inspectors are kind and allow her to travel free. I'd hope so! Don't these two belong so well together. Proud owner, proud dog. The dog is so small but she has a certain confident dignity, don't you think?

07 April 2007

A bruno de.......?

This gorgeous creature looks just like my beautiful Beau, a Bruno de Jura, except this one is a different colour and her tail is docked. Go to this link to see Beau. I don't know what breed this lovely dog is. If anyone knows, do please write to me. She looks like a 'bruno,' with her 'bloodhound' sort of face - and doing an impersonation of a Thurber dog.

This was taken above Menton, near to the cemetery at a 'viewing place' at the beginning of the Boulevard de Garavan.

August 2007: - Thankyou to Zeljko who has told me that this dog is a Bracco Italiano. (see comment below) This beautiful dog is now correctly listed under the list of breeds on this blog.

06 April 2007

A good fit

This young labrador and his mistress stike me as a good fit - they somehow belong together, don't they?

05 April 2007

A walk in a beautiful garden

This dog has found something good to sniff in the garden in Fontvieille, Monaco - just along from the Princess Grace Rose Garden.

03 April 2007

Fidgety fiddle

Apologies for chopping this dog's tail off. He was rather fidgety and if you want to know why, look in the next photograph, where he peed against the entrance to Menton's Vieille Ville. I hope he didn't pee on his lead...


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