31 March 2008


Bill, this bright-as-a-button 2 year old Yorkie was sitting by his owner's shopping basket whilst she took a coffee break near to the market in Menton.

29 March 2008


Meet Lady, the Sheltland Sheepdog. I saw her lying by one of the tables at a Bric a Brac fair in Menton. Her owner wasn't there but a nearby stall holder told me her name.

27 March 2008


I first spied this little dog asleep under a table alongside the Port of Monaco. A little bundle of fluff, you couldn't tell which end was which - see the small photograph.

Later I saw her walking along with her owners and asked if I might photograph her. She's a little bichon maltais (Maltese Terrier) only 4 months old and so well behaved. After I'd told them about this blog, her nice English owners mentioned it was their daughter's 9th birthday today and how thrilled she'd be to see Snowy featured. So here she is, Happy Birthday Emily! You've got a beautiful little puppy.

25 March 2008


This is Ristick, a fine looking 8-year old Pyrenean Shepherd Dog. His owners were surprised I knew the breed as they say most people don't. This is because I lived for a year in the Pyrenées and saw many - and also my neighbour has a bitch of this breed. At the same table, sitting by the sea, was a lady - a friend of the couple who own Ristick. You'll find her adorable little dog Chico, on Menton Daily Photo. Please click on the link.

21 March 2008

Black eyes

Waiting in the queue to buy some bread, I couldn't miss this little bichon staring at me with his big black eyes. I don't know his name, just he was happy to gaze at the camera with so much trust. Aren't dogs wonderful!

19 March 2008


This handsome dog caught my eye. Look at him in the small photograph with his Italian family, sitting by the sea in Menton. What a fine looking dog. He is a mix of German Shepherd and Italian Spinone and he lives in Bordighera which is just beyond Ventimiglia across the border in Italy. I don't speak Italian so just as well this lovely family spoke perfect English.

I usually tell owners that they will find a photograph of their dog on 'Riviera Dogs' although sometimes, when I quickly grab a shot, it's not possible. In Ciappi's case, I did and received an email and some photos of Ciappi at home. I'm posting my favourite below - thank you, Stefano, Elena and Luca - and of course, Ciappi.

17 March 2008


A hot day in Menton yesterday, and one hot pug. I didn't ask why his owner was carrying him but presumably cos he'd got hot - and pugs can have breathing problems if they get overheated. Look at that lovely lolling tongue! Gribouille, 4 years of age, lives in Castellar - a beautiful old village above Menton. Gribouille looks heavy for his nice owner to carry. Pugs are small but very solid little dogs. What wonderful characters they are.

I've not seen a dog lead like that before - have you?

11 March 2008


This is a really tiny poodle - a toy. Called a caniche nain in France. I met her walking along the Corbusier walk between Cap Martin and Monaco. I was told her name, wrote it somewhere and can't find the piece of paper - very inefficient of me - but I did take this photograph in January - so forgive. If I find her name - and I remember it was a pretty name - of course I'll add it.

07 March 2008


Macy, this lovely 8 year old Boxer, was patiently waiting (see side photo) for her owner to have her nails done in the prestigious Metropole Centre in Monte Carlo.

She's owned by a very nice English lady who lives in Monaco. I didn't trim the top photo just so you could see the beautiful ironwork and marble floors and walls in the shopping centre.

Hasn't Macy got the most beautiful eyes?

03 March 2008


Meet Canelle, a six-month old Yorkshire terrier. She was at the Corso in Menton yesterday. The Corso is the 'parade of floats' that takes place during the Lemon Festival. You'll be able to read about this, from tomorrow, on Menton Daily Photo.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to see 9 dogs, sitting absolutely still in a New York street, with no one holding their leads, please click on the link. The blog belongs to a great guy, Ming, who posts a photo of New York City every day.

02 March 2008


Time for Nutella to have a haircut. She's in the Salon de Toilettage of my friend, Carla, in Menton.

Nutella is 4 years old and is the mother of Carla's own shih-tzu, Billy - named after Billy Jean King, the tennis champion. Billy is in the pic on the left.

Nutella, by the way, is the name of a chocolate spread in France!


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