26 February 2010

The Dog who wasn't interested...

The most difficult dogs to photograph are terriers because they are so active, but even so most will look at me at some point. This dog refused. Nothing was going to make him look at me - all the noises I made, cluck cluck sounds, eee eee eee sounds, etc. Yes, you can laugh! Of course not all terriers are like this, but this little chap, called Bonbon, didn't want to know anything about having his photo taken or even glancing at me.

So here's the best I could do. Bonbon is five years old and lives in Italy and in Menton where his family have a second home.

22 February 2010

Fur in fur on fur...

Fur in fur on fur...there's a lotta fur going on here but then it was a very cold day in Menton.

Meet Eden who is a two month old long-coat chihuahua, sitting in total comfort in her own special furry handbag.

20 February 2010

The Dalmation who Digs

This lovely Dalmatian doesn't belong to the couple walking along the beach in Menton, but he tagged along with them for a bit, then came back, had fun digging up the sand before returning to his owner who was sitting further up the beach.

17 February 2010


It was a dull afternoon walking away from the Lemon Festival in Menton and this grey and white Fox terrier has no light on his coat. I thought the photo might look better in Black and White and think it does.

Milou (he was Tintin's dog, of course) is a grey and white Fox Terrier and he's 14 - looks good, doesn't he? Don't you just love the way he sits in the smaller photo.

He was with his owner on holiday from Monbéliard in north-eastern France. Such a pity for all the visitors that we have such lousy weather. At this moment it's raining really heavily.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Maya, the Golden and Daisy, the Labrador, two dogs who stay at Pension Milou. You'll meet Daisy again as she is here for 5 months, and as you see likes nothing better than pushing a smelly rope pull into another dog's mouth. Ain't love grand!

12 February 2010


I met Sissi walking with her owner near to Cap Martin. Her owner doesn't know what mix she is - there's surely terrier there somewhere as the coat around her face was quite wiry. What else - I don't know? Perhaps Shih-tzu looking at the curly tail? She's lovely, isn't she? Sissi is 9 years old and live in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

09 February 2010


Louise is a very smart Scottish terrier, walking here in the Casino Gardens. She's 9 years old and lives in Monaco.

04 February 2010


How adorable is this little bundle of fluff?!

I met Vince, this enchanting apricot poodle, in the gardens below the Café de Paris in Monaco yesterday morning. He's six months old and is owned by a lovely Italian lady called Andrea who invited me to a party! Unfortunately I can't go but appreciated the invitation.


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