30 June 2007

Dogs at Menton's Arabian Horse Show - 2

Here's another dog at the Arabian Horse Show in Menton - there seemed to be almost as many dogs as horses! I posted a photo of a Shar-pei a few days ago - here's another - this one, however, is just waiting outside one of the horse boxes. She was here for hours, waiting, waiting. Dogs are so patient, aren't they?

28 June 2007

Bundle of fluff

This dog walked past with his owners as I made my way up to the Old Town of Menton. He is a cross between a Chow Chow and a Pyrenean Shepherd Dog. You can see more of the sheepdog than the chow but he has a touch of a chow's black tongue.

26 June 2007

Dogs at Menton's Arabian Horse Show - 1

The horses were wonderful and you can see photographs of them on the Menton Daily Photo blog. However, so were the dogs and here is the first - a lovely Shar-pei with her young owners who came from Belgium.

23 June 2007


This kind gentleman allowed me to photograph his dachshund in Monaco - just outside the Hôtel de Paris. These two, man and dog, seem a very good pairing to me - they had a great rapport. I got the feeling he so loved his dog and had a great and gentle respect for him.

20 June 2007

Vide grenier - 2

This dog is helping his owner sell 'stuff' at the Vide Grenier in the medieval hill village of Gorbio. Eventually tho, if you look below, you'll see he had enough! Time for zzzzzzzzzzz.

15 June 2007

Hot hound

This lovely Bassett Hound was proud to pose for his photograph at the entrance to Sospel: a beautiful mountain village 20 kilometres above Menton.

10 June 2007

Tall drink

There a vide grenier on in Gorbio village today. Literally, 'empty the attic' - it's what we'd call a Car Boot Sale or a Jumble Sale, perhaps. This enormous Bernese Mountain Dog, although tall, is having to stretch to drink from the village fountain in the Place.

08 June 2007

Summer hair cut

I'm a sucker for an American cocker spaniel and this one is a cutie. Funny haircut, but who cares and he's nice and cool for summer. I'd far rather see this, than a dog full of knots and uncomfortable. This was taken in the walking street of Menton. Pension Milou is named for Milou who was an American cocker spaniel. You can read his story here.

05 June 2007

Hey me, look at me!

These two Wire Fox Terriers were tied up, waiting for their owner outside Carrefour, the supermarket in Monaco. The young one thought it great fun to jump for joy and show what a happy dog she is. When the owner returned we briefly discussed the breed and I said they can be a bit sharp with other dogs. She said provided an owner is tough enough, the dog will behave and certainly she had her two under control - and very happy they were too. The one jumping up is 4 and the other one around 10. A great rapport between dogs and owner here.


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