29 December 2007

The mask shop dog

As you can see in the photo below, this little black poodle belongs to the owner of a stand at the Menton Christmas market. She sells masks and jewellry but at the time I took the photograph, she'd not quite finished her display ready for the opening.

25 December 2007


Gilda, who is 18 months old, lives in Italy - near Lake Maggiore to be exact but her owners have a holiday apartment in Menton. I met them in the Jardin Bioves when I was photographing the Christmas displays in the rain. Sorry she's not central in this photograph. You try clicking a camera and holding an umbrella at the time! In the photograph below you see her proud owner - Gilda meanwhile is struggling to look at the sheep who are in a pen just alongside. It was so nice to talking to this nice gentleman and his wife, so proud are they of their lovely little dog.

Happy Christmas to everyone and thank you so much for comments on Riviera Dogs. From the dogs and me - woof woof!

'You give a dog food, warmth, shelter and walkies, and in return they give you their heart.' - Jo Winter

23 December 2007

Aldo's silver tie

This is Aldo, the Menton Christmas Fair dog you saw the day before yesterday. I didn't know his name then but this morning, there he was again - this time in the rain. And look at his smart silver tie. His owner posed him for me. Quite the dapper little dog. Happy Christmas, Aldo!

'...a dog...never makes it his business to inquire whether you are in the right. You are his pal. That is enough for him.' Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927)

22 December 2007

Give a dog a bone...

This Brittany spaniel wasn't really interested in looking at the camera. He wanted to concentrate on whoever or whatever is inside the door below. It's the kitchen entrance of a restaurant in Menton and presumably his owner is working inside.

'A good dog deserves a good bone.' American Proverb

21 December 2007

The Christmas market dog

This gorgeous little dog sits outside the shop you see below. The shop is part of Menton's Christmas market that runs from the sea to the market area. It opens every day at 10 a.m. and every day this dog sits there. When I took the photograph above no one was in the shop but it seems our hero is resigned to the several weeks he must sit here each year.

'For fidelity, devotion, love, many a two-legged animal is below the dog...' Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)

20 December 2007


The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff and massive he is too. This boy was standing just in front of the market building in Menton. You can read about the Cano Corso Italiano by clicking on the link.

'The best part about owning a dog is the way he doesn't care about bad hair days or overdue bills.' Author Unknown.

18 December 2007

Avoiding the paragliders

This lovely golden is taking a walk, with his stick, on the Plage du Golfe Bleu at Roquebrune-cap-Martin. This is the beach where the paragliders land after their flight from Mont Agel, way up up up in the mountains. You'll see in the third photograph the dog's owner is gently holding him as a paraglider lands so he is not scared. I'd imagine any dog would be terrified if a man suddenly arrived out of the sky. Click here to see the paragliders and click here to see the landing.

'You know you're a dog lover when you think the paw prints on the hall floor make an interesting mural.' - Mae Somers

17 December 2007

Church walk

Really I'm not sure what breed this is. He looks a bit like a Pyrenean Mountain Dog but the tail carriage is wrong and so is the gait. Colour appears wrong for a Maremma sheepdog - could be an Anatolian Shepherd dog? If anyone knows, I'll happily delete these worlds and list him under his rightful breed.

He was having an early morning trot in Fontvieille, which is the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea. Here he is walking past St. Nicholas church. Click on the link to see this relatively new church in Monaco.

'This honest sheep-dog's countenance I read:
With him can talk; nor blush to waste a word
On creatures less intelligent and shrewd.

William Wordsorth (1770-1850), from "The Pastor"

14 December 2007


This bundle of energy lives in Belgium. His owner explained that his daughter lives in Roquebrune village - this photo was taken on the way to the 1000 year old olive tree. I'm not quite sure why he is wearing a coat as the sun was shining - perhaps because there was a little bit of wind.

'The one absolute, unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world...is his dog.'
George Graham Vest (1830-1904. from "Eulogy on the Dog."

12 December 2007


There are cross breeds and cross breeds but how cute is this! Only two months old and much travelled already. This little bundle of cuteness lives in Majorca, Spain but is here on holiday with his young owners, and visiting the medieval village of Roquebrune. These photographs were taken fairly near to the entrance to the Xth century Chateau.

08 December 2007


This little angel was being carried around the Christmas fair in Menton. Her owner happily posed her for me, with the rest of the family calling to her to get her attention for the camera. She's a baby, of course - 11 months old and heaven in a little bundle.

06 December 2007

Peggy and Dotty

Peggy is just twelve weeks and Dotty, of course, is older. I don't normally publish photographs of dogs I look after in my home but couldn't resist this. And anyway they are indeed Riviera Dogs. These two live in Monte Carlo but you see them here on my step. Pugs often sit in the position that Dotty is in. Too funny. Do you like pugs?

04 December 2007

Milly and Biba

I bumped into these two labs in the walking street of Menton. Milly, at the back is 11 and Biba, at the front is 2. They live near to Cuneo (not so far from Turin) in Italy. As you can see, they like to flop down when their owners are in conversation.


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