08 December 2007


This little angel was being carried around the Christmas fair in Menton. Her owner happily posed her for me, with the rest of the family calling to her to get her attention for the camera. She's a baby, of course - 11 months old and heaven in a little bundle.


lady jicky said...

Bravo ! We have a Peke - and what a pretty little Peke too.
When they are puppies they look like toys , not real dogs.
My Lulu was this colouring. I miss her but I did have her for 17 years.
As they say " You have to say Please to a Pekingese! " LOL

WendyB said...

Not only did you find a Peke, you found a gorgeous Peke! She's stunning! I love her serious little expression in the first photo. I'm pretty sure she's thinking, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." I got my dogs when they were older so I've never had the pleasure of a Peke puppy. On the other paw, at least I can blame my dogs' bad behavior on their unhappy puppyhoods. Phew.


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