18 December 2007

Avoiding the paragliders

This lovely golden is taking a walk, with his stick, on the Plage du Golfe Bleu at Roquebrune-cap-Martin. This is the beach where the paragliders land after their flight from Mont Agel, way up up up in the mountains. You'll see in the third photograph the dog's owner is gently holding him as a paraglider lands so he is not scared. I'd imagine any dog would be terrified if a man suddenly arrived out of the sky. Click here to see the paragliders and click here to see the landing.

'You know you're a dog lover when you think the paw prints on the hall floor make an interesting mural.' - Mae Somers


Anonymous said...

By far the most impressive post of the two. I think men jumping off mountains are a little bit nuts and I wouldn't turn to see them. I would turn to see this beautiful animal and I would try to have a conversation with him and his owner.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Nice dog. Yes I think any dog would be scared if someone appeared out of the sky. I can relate to your quotation today. We have a dusty environment and the floor tiles have to be swept and mopped every day. We have a couple of untrained dogs and they like to run around on the floor as soon as the maid mops it. So they leave their paw prints all over the room. Understandably the maid is not happy, but I never feel annoyed/angry seeing the prints.

Anonymous said...

Jilly, they are beautiful dogs. Our neighbours have two and one of our friends has a huge male dog called Henry who is as gentle as a lamb and just adores me! I seem to have picked up another stray cat at home - or another cat whose owner doesn't feed it anywhere near enough. It arrives each evening for dinner which it gulps down like it hasn't eaten for a month. Not like the very fussy way our cats pick at their meals (they are overfed and I spoil them). Anyway, the new pussy started talking to me tonight in response to my talking to it - it then rolled on its back in that submissive way so I imagine that my cats will start marking their territory soon. They're not all that keen on an interloper.

WendyB said...

Nice shots.


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