17 December 2007

Church walk

Really I'm not sure what breed this is. He looks a bit like a Pyrenean Mountain Dog but the tail carriage is wrong and so is the gait. Colour appears wrong for a Maremma sheepdog - could be an Anatolian Shepherd dog? If anyone knows, I'll happily delete these worlds and list him under his rightful breed.

He was having an early morning trot in Fontvieille, which is the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea. Here he is walking past St. Nicholas church. Click on the link to see this relatively new church in Monaco.

'This honest sheep-dog's countenance I read:
With him can talk; nor blush to waste a word
On creatures less intelligent and shrewd.

William Wordsorth (1770-1850), from "The Pastor"


Sheri said...

Beautiful dog and scenery in the back groun.It looks very warm there.
PS- I have pictures of my dogs on my blog today if you'd like to see.

Ian said...

This is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog,which fits the standard well.I cant see the gait of course but in every other respect it seems quite a fine example

WendyB said...

That's a big fuzzy dog!

lady jicky said...

But of course he is off to Church - DOG is GOD backwards!


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