30 October 2010

The Chinese Crested without the Crest!

Ted is an 8 year old Chinese Crested without a crest! His owners explained they keep it trimmed. I met Ted in Menton where he was on holiday from Bordeaux. You can read more about this breed by clicking on the link.

28 October 2010


This leggy pup of 5 months lives in Nice although I met him walking along the old port in Menton. He looks to be what they call a Griffon-type dog in France but perhaps he's a specific breed and I forgot to write it down.

Look how kind his eyes are - he'll grow to be a wise ol' dog one day.

25 October 2010

The Bicycle Dog

Some dogs have it all worked out, don't they? This Yorkie looks perfectly capable of walking alongside his owner but prefers to sit in the basket of her bike. Clever dog!

21 October 2010

Water Dog

This lovely dog was frolicking on the rocks on the day the Newfoundlands were giving their display. I think he wanted to prove it's not just Newfoundlands that love to swim!

17 October 2010


Molly lives with the last little dog we saw - Cashew. She's 12 years old and they live in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

14 October 2010

Cashew, the Oldie

Cashew is an old man. He's 14½ and lives with his sprightly friend, Molly, who is only 12 - we'll meet her in the next posting.

These two much-loved dogs live in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and I met them out walking in Gorbio village. Well, Molly was walking and Cashew's was in his owner's arms - absolutely the way to go for a walk when you are a little tired...

11 October 2010

The Doggie in the Window

This doggie in the window was in Castellar, a hill village 6 kilometres above Menton.

I looked up - the window is on the first floor of an old house and there he was - or she? - a lovely Brittany spaniel.

More of those gorgeous Newfoundlands on another day...

09 October 2010

Waiting to get in the Water

Today - one of the many Newfoundlands who took part in the demonstration - here he is waiting for the demonstration to begin. I don't know his name but isn't he absolutely beautiful.

07 October 2010

The Life Saving Dogs at Menton

Newfoundlands showing their skills as life-savers at sea. This demonstration was given by the dogs and owners of 'Terre-Neuve 06' in Menton last weekend. Terre-Neuve is French for Newfoundland. They were brilliant and so funny at times when they didn't get it quite right!

You can read about this and see more photographs by clicking on Menton Daily Photo.

05 October 2010

Dachshunds Rule - of course!

These two charmers have long names. The wire-haired is called Donnawetter and she is 2. And the smooth-haired is called Alpenliebe and she is 7. They live in Milan but were in Menton where I met them at a three-day festival held in the Old Port, promoting careers relating to the sea.

03 October 2010


Meet Dunya. She's a 7 year old mix of labrador and German Short-haired Pointer. She was re-homed from a Belgian refuge 6 years ago and now lives between her homes in Brussels and in Menton. Here she is outside the church in Gorbio village.

Black dogs are so difficult to photograph but the light was just right today - I must bottle this light and treasure it!

Isn't she gorgeous.

You can find another photograph of Dunya on Menton Daily Photo.


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