03 October 2010


Meet Dunya. She's a 7 year old mix of labrador and German Short-haired Pointer. She was re-homed from a Belgian refuge 6 years ago and now lives between her homes in Brussels and in Menton. Here she is outside the church in Gorbio village.

Black dogs are so difficult to photograph but the light was just right today - I must bottle this light and treasure it!

Isn't she gorgeous.

You can find another photograph of Dunya on Menton Daily Photo.


joanna said...

So glad she was saved -- those places are hard on them in so many ways.

Beautiful she is with a velvet and satin coat.


Sahildeki Ev said...

Dunya means world in Turkish and I am sure that she is a whole big of world for someone. She is beautiful.

hanna said...

So nice to hear about Dunya's rescue; she's beautiful, and so are your photos.

It IS difficult to photograph a black animal. I experienced it with a black cat named Maximilian whom I had for 18 years. I unfortunately lost him a couple years ago, but I took so many pictures of "Max" throughout his lifetime only to have a handful of them do his gorgeous black fur justice.

English Rider said...

What a great mix she turned out to be. You can see the best of both breeds in her. Well done on the photography front.

lady jicky said...

So glad she was rescued and look at her having a sunbath :)

Merry Dogs said...

These pictures are great - you are right about that light.
I have a black dog, and find he photographs best on a bright day, under light shade (e.g. a tree)!

Adelante4 said...

Aww she is such a beautiful dog. It's lovely to see them re-homed instead of being left on the street.

Jason from Dog Beds


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