30 October 2009

The Annonciade Bichons

On Menton Daily Photo we are currently on a walk to the Monastery of l'Annonciade. On the way, half hidden behind a gate, we found these three Bichons Frisés. I know nothing about them but they obviously spend a good part of their day keeping an eye on the visitors and pilgrims who make this trek to the monastery. You can see more by clicking on the link.

26 October 2009

Tipsy and Natine

Brittany Spaniels and hard to tell them apart. In the smaller photo, we see Tipsy on the left, she's 7 and smaller than Natine who is 11 years old - on the right.

I'm not sure which one is in the main photo. They were in Gorbio village for the recent festival but they live in Mandelieu which is along the coast near to Cannes. We saw one of them, nose to nose, with a chihuahua HERE.

24 October 2009

Shogun and Tokyo

We seem to be on a small dog roll, don't we?

Here - one long haired chihuahua, Shogun, and one smooth-haired chihuahua, Tokyo, in arms of their owner, a lady from Ventimiglia. Macho names for such little dogs. They were visiting a festival in Gorbio.

Both are boys - Shogun is 8 years old and Tokyo only 9 months. Go to Menton Daily Photo today - where little Tokyo meets a Brittany spaniel at the Fête de la Branda.

And to see some touching memorials to dogs, take a visit to the Paris Dog Cemetery with talented blogger, Owen, at The Magic Lantern Show.

20 October 2009

The Three Papillons - part 2

Yesterday, we met Fiore - now meet Ventos, who is ten and looking gloriously windswept as if he's posing with a fan blowing his hair for effect.

And in the last photo, this is Bijou and he's 5 years old.

See yesterday's post for a photo of all three Papillons together.

19 October 2009

The Three Papillons - part 1

This family have three Papillons - 'butterfly' dogs and so called because of the pattern created by their beautiful ears and the design running down their faces).

Today we meet Fiore, who is seven years old and a male. All three are males and I met them in Menton where they were holidaying from Basle in Switzerland.

Come back tomorrow and meet the other two.

15 October 2009


Hmmmmm....not the easiest dog to photograph. All hair and he wouldn't keep still. I was lunching at Le Balico in Menton and saw this dog walking past so of course I had to get up from the table and run after him to take his photo.

He's a Hungarian Puli called Nero, which seems a good name for a black dog - he's 4 years old and he lives in Germany.

I remember when I used to show Old English Sheepdogs and would often see the Pulis and Komondors nearby - both corded dogs like this. The most important time is when the cords start to form - you have to twist them into even-sized cords else they will break. Once corded, that's it for life. When bathed I know they take a very long time to dry.

You'll find a French Bulldog at Ventimiglia Market on Menton Daily Photo today.

12 October 2009

The Market Pom

This little Pomeranian was walking around Ventimiglia's busy Friday market - sometimes carried, as you see in the smaller photo.

I don't know his or her name but a cute little dog, don't you think?

09 October 2009


Looks like this little puppy is where she wants to be. Her owners were walking her around crowded Ventimiglia market one Friday.

Kendra is two months old and lives in Ventimiglia. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and it looks like she's landed well and truly on her feet.

To see photos of Ventimiglia and its famous Friday market, do click on the link to Menton Daily Photo.

06 October 2009

Candy the 'chocolat'

Poodles look so cute to me when left in a 'puppy cut' athough it's hard to see this little one's eyes.

Candy is a two year old chocolate poodle - a miniature or 'nain' as they are called in France. She lives in Toulon and was in the village of Gorbio for the recent Fete de la Branda.

02 October 2009

Snoat, who loves ice-cream

The only thing this dog, sitting here in Place aux Herbes in Menton, is interested in is his owner's ice-cream and eventually he got a cone as a reward for waiting - as he knew he would.

Snoat is 10 years old and was on holiday in Menton from his home in Holland. I didn't recognise him as being a specific breed, but he is - he's an Epagneul Bleu de Picardie which translated means a Picardy Blue Spaniel - a French hunting dog.

He knows how to melt his owners with those beautiful eyes, doesn't he? And the ice-cream...


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