24 October 2009

Shogun and Tokyo

We seem to be on a small dog roll, don't we?

Here - one long haired chihuahua, Shogun, and one smooth-haired chihuahua, Tokyo, in arms of their owner, a lady from Ventimiglia. Macho names for such little dogs. They were visiting a festival in Gorbio.

Both are boys - Shogun is 8 years old and Tokyo only 9 months. Go to Menton Daily Photo today - where little Tokyo meets a Brittany spaniel at the Fête de la Branda.

And to see some touching memorials to dogs, take a visit to the Paris Dog Cemetery with talented blogger, Owen, at The Magic Lantern Show.


@eloh said...

So sweet. Oh, I love Owen's blog, he takes such interesting photos, and so do you.

Prospero said...

It's because they are irresistible.

Owen said...

Hi Jilly, a zillion thanks ! Really appreciate your kind words here... so are Tokyo's eyes always half shut like that ? And they are both from Italy ? I was almost imagining that they sort of look like two "Dons" from the violent mafia dog underworld of the Riviera coast, where smuggling of dog biscuits abounds... ? Accompanied by much snarling and gnashing of teeth...

lady jicky said...

chi's are so cute - pity that bloody Paris Hilton had to carry one around and the "wrong people" got them . They do have special needs. I can see these two amigo's have a good owner!
I went over to the dog cemetary. I loved that scotty in the basket. So sad.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Julie's grandmother had a long-haired chihuahua. i think they are more attractive than regular chihuahuas.


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