15 October 2009


Hmmmmm....not the easiest dog to photograph. All hair and he wouldn't keep still. I was lunching at Le Balico in Menton and saw this dog walking past so of course I had to get up from the table and run after him to take his photo.

He's a Hungarian Puli called Nero, which seems a good name for a black dog - he's 4 years old and he lives in Germany.

I remember when I used to show Old English Sheepdogs and would often see the Pulis and Komondors nearby - both corded dogs like this. The most important time is when the cords start to form - you have to twist them into even-sized cords else they will break. Once corded, that's it for life. When bathed I know they take a very long time to dry.

You'll find a French Bulldog at Ventimiglia Market on Menton Daily Photo today.


spitz said...

Nice rastadog :) i like your blog so i follow from now on. keep it up :)

TC said...

So I suppose the hair has to be trimmed eventually? Gorgeous dog.

lady jicky said...

They are wonderful dogs but I do think its a bit awful to keep them in hot countries like Australia. People do .


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