27 May 2015


Wish she'd clean the windows! (My newly adopted amour, Ours - 'Bear' in French)

22 May 2015

Monaco Dog Show - Chinese Crested

They say dogs look like their owners! Well in this case I think it's true.  Pretty lady, pretty dog at the Monaco Dog Show. This is a Chinese Crested dog, which is hairless, except for head, lower legs and tail. (There is a variety called the 'powderpuff' that has hair on the body as well).

20 May 2015

Strutting his Stuff

A gorgeous American cocker spaniel strutting his stuff at the recent Monaco Dog Show. 

17 May 2015

Nicky and Mojo

This is my lovely friend Nicky Fraser with her French bulldog Mojo. (we met him the other day) He's doing his best to do what he wants to do and not what Nicky wants him to do!

Nicky, who lives in Monaco, is a very talented lady.  She's an Aromatherapist, a Feng Shui consultant and a Chinese Astrologer. You can find Nicky on her FACEBOOK page.

16 May 2015

Beauty in a Box

A poodle at the recent Monaco Dog Show.

12 May 2015

Dog drool

Dog drool!  ... at Monaco Dog Show.  If you are not a 'doggy' person and wonder how dog drool gets onto a dog's face, let me tell you.  He drools from his mouth and then shakes his head et voila!  It also gets on walls and ceilings.  Drooly dogs are not for everyone!

No matter, isn't he a beautiful chocolate labrador!

08 May 2015


This is Billie.  She lives in Gorbio and she always has her tongue sticking out!  Billie is named after the tennis player, Billie-Jean King.

02 May 2015

Wet Dog!

Fog and light rain in Sainte Agnes yesterday evening and a very wet Landseer, the black and white version of the Newfoundland.


Brouillard et pluie fine sur Sainte Agnès hier soir et Landseer tout mouillé, la version noire et blanche du Terre-Neuve.


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