29 July 2014

Catalan Sheepdog

This is a Catalan Sheepdog I met in Cours Saleya in Nice.   The breed came originally from the north of Spain. Note the pigmentation on his tongue.

23 July 2014

On patrol

This lovely dog patrols the land around the old mill in Gorbio. I don't know her name.  She looks to be a setter perhaps or mix between a Brittany Spaniel and a setter?

16 July 2014

A Handful of Dog

Don't you love the gorilla t-shirt on this macho guy and then how delicately he holds his little dog in one hand?  We met in Ventimiglia.  I reckon the dog is the tough one tho!

09 July 2014

Susan and Gus

My fabulous photographer friend, Susan Papazian from Sydney got a lot of love from Gus, the Newfie Landseer when she visited Gorbio village yesterday.

05 July 2014

The Shy Rough Collie

This beautiful Rough Collie was sitting under her owner's chair in the bar/restaurant Cosmo (very good!) in Villefranche-Sur-Mer.  I took a couple of snaps but when we tried taking a 'proper' photo, she didn't want to know - really she was scared of the camera. 

Isn't she just lovely though? Seems to me you don't often see a Collie these days. She lives in Monte Carlo.

I did write her name down but can't find it. So sorry. And come to think of it perhaps she is a he?


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