05 July 2014

The Shy Rough Collie

This beautiful Rough Collie was sitting under her owner's chair in the bar/restaurant Cosmo (very good!) in Villefranche-Sur-Mer.  I took a couple of snaps but when we tried taking a 'proper' photo, she didn't want to know - really she was scared of the camera. 

Isn't she just lovely though? Seems to me you don't often see a Collie these days. She lives in Monte Carlo.

I did write her name down but can't find it. So sorry. And come to think of it perhaps she is a he?


Helene said...

"She " or "He", What a beautiful dog! I haven't seen a Collie in my area ever (South Florida) but I used to see a lot of collie's in Massachusett's, where I'm from...I fell in love with them after watching the movie, Lassie (of course)!

glenda said...

Despite her hesitation, you got some beautiful photos,

lady jicky said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

She has my Coco's colours.

HackTrainer said...

I love your website


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