30 October 2007

Charlie at the Coffeur

This lovely cocker spaniel, Charlie, is waiting with her owner at the hairdressers. No, not for herself but Mum needs a hairdo. It's quite normal for dogs to go to restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, shops in France. They are not supposed to be in supermarkets but you often see a little one in the trolley. Everyone turns a blind eye. C'est la france!

22 October 2007


This couple very kindly posed with their dogs in Gorbio village - it was the day of the Fête de la Branda. Don't you love the intensity of expression in the dogs' faces?

18 October 2007

It's a dog's life

Can't be bad being a dog, can it? This little chap looks so contented, he's fallen asleep in his master's arms under the old elm tree of Gorbio. Old indeed - it was planted in 1713.

If you want to see a photo of this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel awake please click HERE.

08 October 2007

Little Old Man

This little Spitz was walking very slowly with two ladies near to the port of Monaco. I asked if I could take his photograph and we talked about him. His owner told me, amidst tears, that he is 15 and not well and she really doesn't know how much longer he will live. She adores this little dog. The sadness is our dogs normally go before us but then if we went first, what would happen to them? We can only take joy in the short time we are privileged to have them.

06 October 2007

A big black and tan baby

This gorgeous creature is only 3 months old - lots more growing to do yet. Seen here outside the main market of Menton on a sunny Saturday in October - proudly held by his young owner. I say 'his' but I forgot to ask - somehow he looks like a 'he' to me, but I may be wrong.

03 October 2007

Waiting for the bus?

I've listed this dog as an Old English Sheepdog although it's certainly only partly that - near enough tho for the purposes of this blog. I don't know if it's a he or a she but what a lovely dog - patiently waiting for the owner inside the Menton bus station, on a rather hot summer's day.


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