31 March 2007

Shar-pei in Menton

Happily walking along the Menton walking street, this little chap seems quite content. Wonder what he's thinking...

28 March 2007

Market dog

This beautiful labrador lies all day surrounded by the plants and flowers that his owner sells in Beausoleil market. There has to be a worse way of spending one's life...zzzzzzzzzzz

26 March 2007

Waiting for mother...

This little Jack Russell terrier is not a happy camper. Waiting outside the shop with his Dad, he wants his Mum. A few minutes later, she came out of this Menton supermarket. Result: one happy little dog.

21 March 2007

A walk in the port of Monaco

Man and dog walking in the main port of Monaco. Is the dog his? Is he walking the little dog for the owner of a yacht? Is he a yacht owner himself? Did the dog scratch his eye?

19 March 2007

Who is a beautiful dog, then?

This beautiful setter was standing with his owner in the centre of Menton. What a truly beautiful face.

13 March 2007

A young man and his dog

Young man, young Labrador walking past the Casino in Menton. The barrier on the right is there because of the Menton Lemon Festival.

11 March 2007

Ever alert

This boisterous young German Shepherd was quite a handful for his owner who was walking along with his family. I was sitting outside a café in the main square of Menton, sipping a noisette (small strong espresso with a dash of milk) when he stopped and held on to the dog whilst his wife and child went into a shop. The dog, ever alert, waits for them to return.

09 March 2007

Monaco morning stroll

This rather smart Miniature Schnauzer is walking near to Place des Moulins with his owner - interesting both have the same colour hair. Wonder if they go to the same coiffeur?

06 March 2007

Monaco meeting

When dogs meet, so do their owners. These two owners look on, proudly, politely and with big smiles on their faces. A 'Hello' that took place near the gardens opposite the Place des Moulins in Monaco.

03 March 2007

In harmony

Don't these two look as if they really belong together? Such an alert yet relaxed dog. They are waiting on a Menton street for the procession of children to pass by. You can see photographs of the Fête du Citron on Menton Daily Photo.

01 March 2007


This beautiful dog was waiting opposite the entrance to the Fête du Citron in Menton. The man is probably waiting for his wife to come out as dogs aren't allowed into the display area. I'm not sure what he is - perhaps a German Shepherd crossed with a Husky. Whatever he is, isn't he beautiful?


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