31 May 2013

Lunch Break

Two well-behaved Jack Russell terriers waiting whilst their owners eat lunch at the fabulous Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio. 

27 May 2013

Doggie Transport

An interesting dog carrier in a shoe shop in Menton...

Later, I saw one of the two Jack Russell terriers walking around the town (see small photo) and so presume that perhaps the other one is paralysed.

There's a cute and spoiled Yorkie on Menton Daily Photo  needing to get away from the crowds ...

23 May 2013

Waiting ...

This little dog was tied up outside the Palais de l'Europe in Menton yesterday.  He didn't seem too bothered. If anything, he was more bothered by me taking his photo - so I didn't stay long. 

20 May 2013


This is a Griffon Korthals - such an appealing breed.  He's called Balloo, he's 7 years old and he has had a stroke but he's doing well.  I met him in San Remo, across the border in Italy although Balloo and his family live in Castres in south-west France.

A Griffon Korthals is a wire-haired pointing Griffon, thought to originate in Holland.

15 May 2013

A Bed of Cobblestones

You'd think these ancient cobblestones in the village of Bussana Vecchia across the border in Italy, would be uncomfortable, wouldn't you?  Seems not. In fact, I worried for one second this little dog was dead as he didn't move until another dog came along and woke him up. 

09 May 2013


This is Rita, a two and a half year old Brittany spaniel.  She's sitting by the 300 year old elm tree in Gorbio's square, waiting for her owners who are having a drink in the bar.  Her eyes never leave them. And in the photo below - they are coming, they are coming ...!

05 May 2013

Ylan, Bouchette and Galinette

This is the adorable Ylan with Bouchette, the Bassett Hound and Galinette, the Shih-tzu - the dogs of the Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio. The dogs' names appear in the wonderful Marcel Pagnol books.


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