29 July 2012


This tiny Miniature Pinscher is just a handful of cuteness. She's called Greta, is 4 months old and she was running around Menton with her pretty owner.  She lives in Alassio in Italy.

26 July 2012


We've met Prickle before on Riviera dogs but that was four and a half years ago.  Prickle lives with her owner William at one of Menton's famous gardens, Le Clos du Peyronnet.  Here she poses near some of the beautiful old demijohns that appear to float on one of the pools in this magical garden.  

21 July 2012

Pippo, the High-Energy Jack Russell

This is Pippo, a high-energy one year old Jack Russell who lives in Italy. I met him walking through the medieval village of Gorbio where he wouldn't let go of his tennis ball and that is what he is doing here - clinging on to the ball, feet off the ground.  Ideally, I'd have used a different setting on the camera so the background was more blurred but it wouldn't deal with the speed of this little dog.

Perhaps I'll meet him again one day, with his charming owners, Mauro and Dimitri - then we'll settle him down and have another go at a portrait. But then how often is a Jack Russell calm and quiet?!

19 July 2012

Orazio from Lake Como

Is there anything more adorable than a 4 month old French Bulldog puppy?  Meet Orazio (italian for Horatio).  I bumped into him a couple of days ago in the Casino Gardens in Monte Carlo. He lives in Lake Como, Italy.

This post is for Véronique, a fellow-blogger (French Girl in Seattle) who recently visited Menton and Gorbio et moi.   We had such a good time together, putting the world to rights over a good bottle of rosé. (or was it half a bottle!) She adores French Bulldogs and one day wants to have one. I'm sure she will! 

16 July 2012


Camilla is only 10 months old and such a well-behaved dog - well we all know how crazy young labs can be at times.  Her owner (they live in Turin) told me she's always been a calm, well-behaved dog. They are on holiday in Menton.

12 July 2012


Her owner is having a coffee and croissant in Menton whilst she waits patiently.  All our dogs ever ask is to be with us - they don't mind how long they wait.

I wish I was as patient as my dogs ...

09 July 2012

Biscuit, who lives on a Yacht

This is Biscuit. She's five years old and was given her forever home when her owners found her in a refuge in California.  Now she lives on a yacht and shortly after these photos were taken (her summer haircut) was en route for a summer in Turkey. 

Biscuit is an adorable, kind dog who has really landed on her feet - or perhaps one should say 'sea legs.' I wonder if dogs get seasick?

05 July 2012

Julia at the Arabian Horse Show

You often find whippets at the Arabian Horse Show in Menton.  Julia is trying to keep cool in the shade of a tent. (see small photo) She comes from Brittany in northern France and is one year old.

Her young owner walks her past a stable from Oman. You can see pics of the horse show on Menton Daily Photo today. 

03 July 2012

Tompuss, the Market Dog

The owner of Tompuss was backing up his car when I snapped him.  In the smaller photo, you can see the pleasure on his owner's face, proud that his beloved dog is having his photo taken.  And beloved he is. He was found, abandoned outside his house. I'd say one lucky dog, wouldn't you? And he gets to be with his owner all day when he's selling at Menton's market.


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