28 August 2007


When I've the time I like to shop in Latte, which is just across the Italian border from Menton. There's a big and very good supermarket there called Conad and outside is a bar/restaurant. A good place to have a cup of real Italian coffee. The other day I bumped into this gentleman - it was a warm day (read hot) and he was a Hot Dog, even tho he and his owner sat under a shady umbrella. Some breeds, particularly bulldogs and pugs, find the heat difficult. French bulldogs do a little better but they can still have problems if they are not kept sufficiently cool and only exercised in the early morning and evening.

24 August 2007

By Le Lido

Menton: a busy summer evening. Our hero sits with his owner on the wall right by Restaurant Le Lido. In the photo below he stands by a tree in the square near to the restaurant - presumably waiting for someone - his Mama I expect?

22 August 2007

Jules et Jim

Jules (the labrador who is 6) and Jim (the Golden Retriever who is 13) live in the village of Gorbio and had come down to the main square for the Blessing of the Animals. Below you see their owner telling them to look at the camera. In the background is the archway leading to the medieval village.

19 August 2007

Bébé and the Blessing of the Animals

Today is the Fête patronale de la St. Barthélémy in Gorbio, a village near to Menton. The day began with the blessing of the animals and today there were several horses and many dogs present. This beauty - see below - is called Bébé which is what he was called when his owner took him from the SPA Refuge de Monaco. She told me he is an American poodle, which (unless you are referring to Mr. Blair!) is apparently a mix of a white poodle and a black poodle but my understanding is that when you do this mating you get either black or white poodles, not a mix like this one. No matter, he is a beautiful dog with a lovely presence. You can see more photos of today's blessing on my Menton Daily Photo blog.

18 August 2007

Dogs at Dusk

This photo, plus another of the same dogs, has been published before on Menton Daily Photo but I felt I had to put it on Riviera Dogs. This is taken on the beach in Menton - at dusk - where this lady is exercising her dogs - or are they exercising her? She has a belt around her waist to which are attached three of the dogs and on the Menton Daily Photo link (above) you'll see they are pulling her along the beach.

15 August 2007

Taking a break

Taking a break from the heat, this Bassett Hound is watching the world go by in the Casino Gardens of Monaco. The small towel is presumably to keep his face dry - bassett hounds have a habit of drooling!

14 August 2007

Easy Rider

This golden retriever is riding the escalator of the Parc Palace shopping centre in Monte Carlo. I always worry when I see dogs on escalators: worry they will catch their paws or coat in the mechanism as they get on or off. However, this isn't an unusual scene - you often see dogs, large and small, on escalators in the Principality. Happily his owner has a protective hand on him, so in this case, I'm sure he'll be OK - and indeed he was.

10 August 2007

Disgusted of downtown Carnoles

Can't you just see the disgust in this dogs face? Catsan! Perhaps he's waiting for his 'Mum' to come out of the supermarket in Carnoles with something a little more interesting - like dog food!

02 August 2007


This dog is very much a sheepdog type. Her so nice and so proud-of-her-dog Italian owner said she is a mix - 'pastoral' she said. I don't speak Italian and she spoke only a little French. I understood though that Pinky is hot in Menton (aren't we all, at the moment?) - and that she prefers living in the mountains. A couple very much in tune with each other.

These photos were taken near to the main market of Menton - above, you see the bay of Cap Martin in the distance.


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