30 April 2010

Neo's Historique Grand Prix of Monaco

Looks fierce, doesn't he? In fact he's a gentle soul. This is Neo, a 5 year old English Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives in Switzerland with his owner Christophe. Christophe is in Monaco for the Historique Grand Prix with the Fancy Racing Team and their BMW 328. In the smaller photo, Christophe and a friend are looking down on the stands that face the pit lane.

28 April 2010


Choupette lives in Menton. She was sitting on a bench by the sea, blending rather nicely with the colour of the wood. This little bundle is 5 years old and looks as if she's recently been to the coiffeur, don't you think?

25 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - 'Napszem'

Meet Napszem, a Hungarian Puli youngster of 13 months. He lives in Mougins and was entered at the Monaco Dog Show.

The dog in the smaller photo is an adult version of the same breed, where the coat has been formed into cords, although I'd have thought the cords we see on the rear are perhaps a little too thick. The important thing tho is that the cords are even in size and shape.

The cords will start soon on this puppy and during that time the owner has the most work in guiding their formation.

22 April 2010

The Apricale Dog

We are in Apricale, a medieval hill village in Italy - about 28 kilometres from Menton. This dog is walking down the village pretty quickly and I wasn't fast enough - he's slightly blurry in the main photo but you get the feel of him, I think. A hunting dog, nose down, intent on where he's going.

In the small pic you see me attempting to take his photo - this was taken by the delightful Nathalie from Avignon who was visiting for the weekend.

19 April 2010

Frimousse and the Interloper

So there I was photographing this adorable Cavalier King Charles puppy, when up strode the smooth-haired dachshund wanting to know what was going on!

I never did get to ask the name of the dachshund but can tell you that the puppy is called Frimousse and she is a Ruby coloured Cavalier aged 5 months. She was on holiday near to Menton, staying in Tende in the mountains and comes from the north of France.

17 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - the Meeting

This is a photograph that went onto Monte Carlo Daily Photo the other day but here it is on the 'Dog Blog.' Just as an experiment I changed the ISO setting on the camera to 2000 which has given this grainy effect, rather as if the photo is printed on canvas. Hope you like the moment when these two Shelties met a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

15 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - the Yorkies

Almost ready to be shown - he just needs those rubber bands removed from his whiskers. Yorkshire Terriers exhibitors always seem to have lots of dogs with them - I suppose it's not so difficult as they are small. So in the small photo we see 'three little ones all in a row' and in the last photo - well this one has given up and gone to sleep!

13 April 2010


Carmina, this magnificent Great Dane, was competing at the Monaco Dog Show. She's two and a half and lives in Nice. I don't know if she won or not but if majestic, gentle expressions are required, she wins in my book.

11 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - One plus One

Two beautiful Shetland Sheepdogs at the Monaco Dog Show. Looks of adoration or are they waiting for a biscuit?

09 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - the Azawakh

Monaco holds an International Dog Show each year which takes place in the Circus Tent in Fontvieille. Over the two days of the show (today was the first day) 170 different breeds are on display with exhibitors coming from 15 different countries.

Later: When I first posted this photo of such a beautiful hound, I thought the breed might be a Sloughi but it wasn't quite right... Thanks so much to Gerben van Rij who tells me he is an Asawakh, an African Sighthound - and a close relative to the Sloughi.

Here's a website to read more but you'll need to understand German.

08 April 2010

Diego and Laura on Port Hercule

Who is the more adorable? Diego, the Chihuahua or his fabulously dressed young owner, Laura? Don't you just adore her outfit.

Diego is 18 months old and despite several photos, we could never get his ears quite right but who cares? I think Laura must like cats as much as dogs - take a look at her T-shirt in the smaller photo. They live in Monaco and are seen here on Port Hercule.

04 April 2010

Ava the Landseer

Ava is a Newfoundland, of the type called Landseer, which is always white with black patches. I just love Newfies even tho they drool somewhat! Ava is 4 years old, lives in Monaco and is walking in the gardens near to the circus tent in Fontvieille.

02 April 2010

Brandy and 'The Virgin Mother'

Don't you love it when a dachshund looks slightly sideways and shows the white of the eye? (apologies for chopping his toes off!)

This is 3 year old Brandy who lives in Monaco. In the smaller photo you see him walking along the jetty in Fontvieille and if you are wondering what or who is the enormous sculpture in the distance, then click HERE and HERE to find out!


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